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I liked how most of the teachers connected with the students when teaching their classes rather than just presenting the information. I also liked the various resources available to us such as giving us iPads to do our work and having tutors available if we needed help with a certain subject. I disliked the lack of places for students to hang out before and after school since the library and study center would be closed every once in a while and usually would be packed when open. Other than that, I had a good experience with the school and how they prepared us for college.
The community at Presentation is great and I have made a lot of life long friends here. The teachers care a lot about your success and are very readily able to meet with you. The school is very pretty and peaceful, and it is nice without boys, and it did not take that long to get used to going to school without them. I felt myself grow into a strong woman while attending this school and I would make the choice to go here again. I would recommend it for every girl because it really helps strengthen you and you learn a great sense of community and girl power while here.
They really prepared me to be successful in my first year of college. The academics especially the humanities were so interesting. The teachers really care about their students.
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I felt completely prepared for college! Presentation offered a very challenging curriculum, but I know it only helped me for college.
Pres is a really welcoming and empowering high school. I can definately say I have no regrets with deciding to attend school here.
The sisterhood within the community is amazing. Being a pres girl is a fantastic experience. The pasta market makes really good food, and the iPads are extremely useful. The limited internet access is kind of bad, however.
I enjoyed attending Pres. Academics and teachers will push you to achieve more than you thought you could. They definitely teach you how to write and prepare you well for all those college essays you'll need to write in your future. Lots of clubs and sports to choose from.
The people here are incredibly mean. You hear the stereotype of the typical "white Pres girl" - they like Starbucks and wear Uggs to school. That's literally the reality.
More AP classes should be offered, more unique opportunities for STEM activities that really partner students with alums, and more college-geared resources and counseling
Although the Presentation community is very tight-knit and comfortable to be a part of, it is unbelievably stressful. There is so much pressure put on you, but of the teachers seem to care about the students. Presentation is also very woke. The all-girls community is great to be a part of.
I liked how it was not too big of a school so you could be close to everyone as a community. I also really enjoyed how much this school pushed me because it was very difficult but will help me in college.
Although it's a very hard school, Presentation prepares you well for college and I am proud to be a panther.
Presentation is a strong school in regards to academics and college preparedness. Specifically, the school excels in teaching its students strong writing and interpersonal skills that will serve them well throughout college and the rest of their lives. The community is tight-knit and the all girls setting creates an atmosphere of sisterhood where everyone can be themselves.
Overall, good facilities and good conversations that are being had. Will make you feel at home. It's not perfect, but the school tries their best to make the place as educational and productive as it can be.
Presentation High School has a very welcoming and caring community. The academics is very strong and Catholic values are lived out in the school. I enjoy attending my classes and learn a lot both in academics and extracirrular skills.
Loved it!!! It's an all girls school, but it's onestly better than any co Ed school because we can focus and really grow as individuals and students.
Presentation High School is a great school where we challenge ourselves to grow and strengthen before we head off to college. I believe this school completely gets us ready for our futures. We take advantage of the resources given to us like many AP and honors classes, along with a great faculty, always there to help us.
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Presentation builds character and confidence for young women in the 21st century. The school offers challenging classes, competitive sports, a plethora of clubs and extra curricular activities.
PHS is very open and calming from a first glance. As you get more involved in the school, the more integrated you are with the community.
Presentation High School has been a positive and enjoyable environment to attend high school. The teachers truly care about your success in their classes, and work hard to give those who need it extra attention. The focus on service is unique, give students opportunities to help those in the world community, locally and abroad. My experience at Presentation has been nothing but positive, and I am thankful for the opportunity to attend this wonderful school.
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