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The majority of my experience was wonderful. I made great connections with teachers, and I had my fair share of friends because of the small class sizes. Overall, my senior year was the most disappointing. I was the valedictorian; however, they chose another girl to be titled valedictorian because she was a legacy. I did not receive any recognition for my hard work and achievements, and I felt underappreciated for all I had done for the school. I wish they can look past the lineage of a student, and honestly pick the student that most deserves recognition in the future. Also, they seem to lack a variety of AP classes, but they make up for this by offering rigorous and preparatory classes with challenging coursework. I feel as though my workload in high school has prepared me for my college experience.
I love the students and the faculty and how they let everyone express themselves fully. This school has made me more service oriented and I no longer stay in my comfort zone, I'm always looking for ways to step outside of it and do something new.
I absolutely loved this school. From the moment I walked in the doors I felt like I belonged and I knew that this was the right school for me.
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I graduated from Pres several years ago and I can proudly say that the friends that I made in high school, are friends that I still have today. Pres is a school that develops bonds that last a lifetime. I can run into an older alum who I may have never known and immediately feel a connection to them. Pres was a home away from home for me and the teachers and staff would go out of their way to make sure that Pres was just that. Mrs. Wine was the greatest thing that has ever happened to Pres and she is so down to earth. I remember shadowing there when I was in the 8th grade and she hadn't met me before. I was at lunch and she came down and immediately started talking to me as if we had known each other for many years. The people involved in Pres truly care about it and want others to share their same love for it.
Presentation Academy allowed me to be able to find my self and to be myself everyday in class and in the halls. The atmosphere of this school is very homey and loving. All of the teachers give you one on one help and treat you with respect. The friendships I made at Pres will last me a lifetime and I am very grateful for that.
I liked how small and cozy it felt. School was always interesting with the teachers and the way they challenged us through projects and everyday learning. The traditions and environment made Pres feel like a second home.
I loved Presentation Academy with all my heart. This school really prepared me for college. Matter of fact it prepared me so well that my classes are easy.
Presentation Academy isn’t just just a regular high school. It prepares you for the next level of education, college. Once you first syeo in the doors ornaments Pres, you feel right at home. You find your are close with your class and teachers. The staff here is always nice and always there to help you with anything you might need. Without Pres, I wouldn’t think I wouldn’t have much opportunities open to me than other high schools have. There’s clubs and sports I’m in and it’s always fun. I’m glad that I made the choice to go to Pres.
Presentation Academy has gifted me with the skills and tools I need to plan my future and ensures that I will be successful when I graduate. I have become a more confident young woman and have expanded my horizons and I believe that I would not have grown this much as a person if it were not for Presentation. I am forever grateful and blessed to be able to attend this school.
Choosing Res was the best decision I could have made for myself. Transferring from a public school was a breeze with the help of my Pres family.
Presentation was a very small school which was helpful in some way but detrimental in others, at least in my opinion.
What makes Presentation Academy so unique is that it is accepting. The school constantly demonstrates an openness to those of all backgrounds and ambitions. Located in downtown Louisville, it receives a diverse set of students each year from all areas of town. The teachers are open to anyone, and each is so passionate about his or her subject that it has been intriguing for me to learn throughout these past three years. Teachers generally care about the well-being of their students, but I can tell that mine especially monitor our success and happiness levels as if we were their own children. The principal knows the name of each student within our small, close student body of less than three hundred women. I have been personally nurtured throughout my high school experience, being able to start a robotics club and lead retreats. The environment has brought me to life. I have never felt so confident in myself or genuinely important to the world as I do now. I love my school!
Presentation Academy is more than a high school. It is a 185 year old institution that inspires and educates women for their futures. Presentation is one massive family of sisters that stick together through anything. I would not be who I am today without Presentation.
It was a good experience overall. When I attended, it did not feel very diverse, but now it may have a more diverse student body. The curriculum was very good and prepared the students well for college.
Presentation Academy is more than a school. Presentation Academy is a home and a family. I have loved every minute of my time at Pres, and attending Pres is the best decision I've ever made. I have made best friends that will last a lifetime and have found lots of sisters to support me as well. Once a Pres Girl, Always a Pres Girl!
Presentation Academy is a great school for girls who are looking for a place to make great friends get a good education and be involved in their school. One thing though is that I wish there were more African-Americans and people of other races that went there. Pres also has a large amount of exchange students from around the world which is amazingly cool, But overall I love Pres GO TOPPERS!!!!!!
There's a group or team for everyone
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The small family environment helps me to thrive
The teachers truly take the extra time to get to know the students personally
The school is safe although it is located downtown, never felt in danger, and the school nurse is always available for students and the teachers act accordingly to students who aren't feeling well or are injured.
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