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Prescott Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I was one of those students that wasn't gonna graduate but the one on one interacting with the teachers helped me turn that around. I ended up graduating.
the thing that I really like about Prescott high school is how we're more of a family than just the basic student-teacher relationship. Everyone there to help and support each other. When you're having trouble the teachers don't mind lending you a hand by helping you understand in whatever it is that you are having trouble with. To be completly honsit i don't see anything tht should be changed.
Prescott is the home of the tigers. Prescott may be small but we all are a family, when we have visitors we make them feel like there at home. Prescott has
Elementary,Junior High & High school we even have special ed, i mean who wouldn't love that all in just one campiest! Prescott has activity like for example they recognize you for good behavior & grades with awesome treats like going to the movies, swimming & chocolate factory. they have monthly recolonization and weekly with awesome prizes. Prescott is full of fun!
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All the teachers enter act with their students and help them achieve their goals
Everyone does their part to be safe and I like it because it's a very safe place to be at.
FFA is a great organization and it fundraised a lot of money by having a plant sale. Also, every sport has lots of people coming to watch and have a great time.
This school is small and I like how it gives you that home feeling. A really great school because of the soccer season and how they always make it to playoffs! Really solid team in soccer and in basketball. I would attend this school again because I like the teachers and the students. They are all one big family.
The teachers at Prescott are really nice. They have always been there to lend me a hand whenever I needed it. They never judge you and treat you with respect. They also are good listeners and if they have time they will be there for you.
I would still choose this school, since there's a lot of motivation to do better in school and out. Teachers like helping students like me out in any type of question, concerns or doughts we have from homework related stuff and also from class work. One of my favorite experience from my school that I had was I was doing really poor in language arts class and I didn't know what I was doing so I talked to my teacher if she could explain to me what I had to do in my assignment and in my homework. She explained to me the work I didn't understand until I finally understood the vocabulary. I would go to her in homework or assignments I wouldn't understand and she be so kind and helped me out. One thing that makes my school so unique is that we are a small school and that to me and everybody from this school likes that because then we get to help everyone of us in anything we need and were united in any help we need and that to me means a lot because I don't feel uncomfortable in front of any body and I'm not afraid to talk to my teachers or worrying if I'd get laughed at.
They are supportive and help with what ever it is that you are having trouble with
I would choose this school because you get to know everyone and the teachers become people that you can still talk to in the future for help
We have an anti bullying policy and a good dress code
I really liked it because it was a small school and we got the help we needed and the teachers were great and did their best to teach and get us ready for the real world
We have great sports and in 2010 soccer was added and the following year we won state and so did the football team
The administration at this school is always helpful and have great anti-bully rules
Everybody is acceptanced and there is not very much peer pressure. most f the students are Mexicans and a few white people.
The cooks have to follow lots of rules, so they can only feed us some kinds of foods. I wish we didn't have eat so much chicken.
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There are average classes and there are none that are AP classes. I would really have liked to challenge my self more but I hate taking classes online.
There are a lot of different clubs at are school. I am involved in almost all of those clubs.
I came from a school that I was the majority, but now I am the minority. Even though I was a new student, the students came up and excepted me for who I am, and they have been very kind to me all around. so, yes, I would move to this school all over again.
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