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Prescott gives students an environment to learn with the resources to survive and exceed in their academics. The teachers of the school, though some are outstanding, do not always provide proper teaching to gives students what they need in order to thrive and excel in their classes. overall, the environment of the school is friendly and welcoming to all students and Prescott is exceptionally good at all sports and extracurricular activities. Overall a good school
Prescott High School has truly prepared me for college, in my opinion. The teachers work very hard to ensure that all students have the same opportunities and are doing the best they possibly can. The only problem I have is that Prescott is extremely focused on the sports, more so than the arts. Also, the mistreatment of the drama department is deplorable. Why build a brand new auditorium that the drama department cannot use?
The music program is better than most
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I say this because the coaches are very dedicated to their athletes, we have amazing school spirit, and i love that at the end of the day, it's not about if you win or lose, its about if you had fun and tried your best.
I loved growing up in Prescott, but some of the students could be really mean at times. Sometimes i would like to think that i would never go back here because the bullying never stopped even after the counselor got involved, but the teachers genuinely care about your well-being and the extra curricular activities are a great way to make friends that you'll have for a lifetime.
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