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My experience at Prescott High School so far has been very enjoyable. I have found that when you are placed in the advanced classes you will end up working with other intelligent people. The downside to Prescott High School is that the overall education is tailored to the student who does not care about their work, or does not have any plans for the future. Once you find yourself outside of that group the activities and academics at the school will be quite satisfactory.
I loved almost everything about PHS. The teachers always treated me with respect and like I was a friend even though I was much younger. I hope to see that there is more overall care for the appearance of the school in the future. I can't count how many times the ceiling fell down during my time there!
One good thing I will say about Prescott high school is that there is something there for everyone. If you don't care about school and want to make it to graduation, there are opportunities for that. If you wish to challenge your self and take college and AP classes you can also do that. It's not a bad school. I do think it could be a lot better if the school did some reforms and got better funding.
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Prescott High School is a great environment for learning. Teachers are very focused on helping students learn as well as forming healthy relationships.
Would love to see the school get more funding for our teachers, our buildings, our athletic fields. Would also love to see some quality coaches be hired for our sports. The academic portion of the school needs an overhaul. I feel like we are taught to take tests vs just to learn about amazing things.
Prescott High School is a great place to go to high school in the sense that it offers nearly any class to suit ones needs. Also, the school and town is very safe and an overall great place to grow up and create new friends in high school.
I've had a great experience in high school with little to no problems with the school itself. Teachers were nice and worked well with the students. But the school did not prepare me for college at all. They helped looked for colleges but not what colleges expected.
I would like to see the teachers at Prescott High School, teach students because they know the value of learning. Not just give them an assignment and call it a day. I would like to have better funding, as 49th in the country for funding we don't have any money really, and when we do it is used on things the school doesn't benefit from. Like the money we wasted on tv's in the lobby, that are literally just slideshows of nature, it is insane to me how badly our administration handles the money. Not to mention the administration is involved in all of the athletes personal lives, athletes are constantly being punished for underage drinking, while the rest of the kids who are at the parties aren't even talked too. There is a lot wring with Prescott High School, but these are just some of the main points.
Prescott High School has served me well. The sports and arts programs are fun and well paid-for, and the PHS band is proudly one of the best in Arizona. My only grievance with this school is that some of the staff does not have the best attitude.
My experience with Prescott High School has been very up and down. While most of the teachers are very nice people with good intentions, a few of them do not seem to care about whether or not their students thrive. The best part of Prescott High School are the teachers, they all have a small town mentality and want to be connected with their students. The biggest problem I observed is that there seems to be a disconnect between the teachers and administration. Teachers tend to disagree with almost all new policies and rules that administration puts in place.
I didn't really like going to school here but I feel like it could be better. I enjoyed the sports and other activities, as well as clubs
I only attended for a short amount of time. I really enjoyed my math and anatomy class. It was very hands on. I also enjoyed having the ability to learn campus early because of my academic achievements. One thing I would want to be different is the faculty actually enforcing dress code.
I love Prescott High School because of the social atmosphere. Prescott High School is a welcoming place. Everyone their is open to new things and ideas. The bullying rates are very low. The academics of Prescott are very great. The Math and Art departments are wonderful. The sports of Prescott High School are average. Cross Country and mountain biking are the best fall sports, Girls and Boys soccer are the best winter sports, and track and field are the best spring sports.
The school is definitely getting old so some parts are falling apart and there is some mold in the ceiling (which is pretty gross). But for not being payed enough the teachers were for the most part super great. I think I definitely got a really great education here. And the music program is really amazing!
I will start by saying this: The teachers are either amazing or they are the worst you will ever had. I myself have had a handful of teachers that were so good at there jobs, they made something like college statistics easy to understand. That being said, I also have had teachers that have made my life so hard that I cry due to the stress of having horrible and rude teachers. I would definitely change how much the teachers are paid since it is very hard for Prescott to keep good teachers since their pay is so low.
It has been good. I have not had any real problems with it. Last year the school had roof problem which they fixed with a Bond and Override.
I really liked how the teachers care about the students. I would like to see a change in the curriculum so we're even with other schools.
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Prescott High School has a diversity of classes and opportunities. Clubs vary from academical to sports to music to personal interests. Each subject has options of regular, dual enrollment, or advanced placement courses. However, even if a student feels that they are not ready to take regular classes, classes such as integrated sciences and maths, learning center, or special needs classes are offered. Prescott High School is big enough to create a friendly environment for any student.
Prescott High School is good in the respect that it is small so students get a more hands on education. However, it is a run down school with staff that really seem to not enjoy their job enough to care about the education.
I like it because my teachers are really good at their job, and they treat me well. I really like how accepting the school is compared to others in the state.
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