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I would like the school to care about ALL of its students equally, not just their favorite kids. The school needs to help the seniors more often so we can have what we need to graduate. We need help with finding scholarships and colleges and we aren't getting that. We don't know what we're doing and we aren't getting the help we need to graduate and be successful in college but the classes and teachers care about us.
A normal typical school. As is every American school in the United States, be prepared to experience a lot of factors about sports. Academics is a valued experience here but not as much as football or basketball. The teachers and staff are helpful and very assistive whenever you need help and the work is varied by teacher and student pace. However, beware of the food. The food is one of the most treacherous things at this school. But overall, Prescott is a good place to come raise a student and/or continue a student's individual learning throughout high school.
Prescott High School was and eventful experience for me. The only thing that was interesting for us was that no lunchroom was provided for three years.
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There is a wide variety of study options at my school
This school has a wide variety of clubs and extracurricular activities for all students to participate in.
My experience at this school has been at a moderate level
The majority of the teachers at my school are helpful to our education, despite the handful of students that do not care at all.
I like our school over all. The environment is a nice environment and the staff does what is needed for the students.
I believe all the teachers at our school do the work needed for their students to succeed.
The teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable in their subject. Their is an workload but we have great tutors.
They have a variety of options to choose from.
They have you take a test on sexual abuse and personal safety measures as an incoming freshmen.
All the teachers I have had so far are great at what they do, except for my math teacher, it's as if she didn't want us to pass. Luckily, I passed with a C.
You are mostly likely to get accepted into organizations but less likely to get accepted into sports.
The school was great. It isn't fair the theory of evolution was taught as if it were a fact not a theory while other theories were not taught and if they were discussed teachers were censored.
The school has not implemented modern security measures in its' older buildings. But the newer buildings have state of the art security systems.
On campus extracurricular activities cover a large range of interests. And the school ensures availability to equipment and time to enjoy activities that are not associated with clubs or groups.
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I have had a great first semester at ASU and nothing but good experiences with the staff here. Not only would I choose thes school again but I would recommend it to others. Except the cafeteria.
This has been my first semester so my opinion will not be all compassing. The teachers I have been assigned this year were knowledgeable interesting and the lessons were involved.
The school is okay but not great. There's a lot of favoritism and injustice being allowed there.
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