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Very good school,
Profesors care about you and your education. Mybtime there i felt cared for and i feel like i was prepapred for college
This school helps us, the students, to be a yound leader. And also it helps us to be independent in out lives and also have responsabilities in each persons stuff. The diversity of this school is very great, you can know many people from many other people.
Presbyterian Pan American School is a wonderful institution that shapes its students into more independant and mature young adults with the help of the professors and the dorm staff.
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I’ve been studying here at Presbyterian Pan American School for 4 years and met lots of wonderful people from different countries. I like the education system, church service, and extracurriculars.
Presbyterian Pan American School is not a school I would pick if you wanted your child to be challenged. It should be a school for Intensive English . The teachers are not able to challenge most of the students because they do not understand basic concepts of the subjects being taught. The dorm staff are pathetic and all about getting money from the students and using it to go on their Christmas vacations. This school is a safe environment and parents should take comfort in knowing their son or daughter will be safe here.
Pan Am is a the perfect school for international students who want to pursue a professional education in the United States. It is a great place where you are surrounded by students who are far away from home, and everyone feels and experiences the same, so we have each other's support and empathy. The staff from the dormitories is always taking care of every single student, from when they students are sick and to when they're having problems and need counceling. The classes prepare each student for college readiness, and also help the students to lesarn english and advance, sice the majority of the students are international and have english as a second language. Another advantage of being in Pan Am, is that they have sports and many activities that help community bonding, and the students feel comfortable and make the greatest experiences.
PPAS was a greta experience for me, it greatly improved me as a person, academically, emotionally, spirituality and other ways. I'm so glad I was a student there. It is a lovely experience.
It is a good school where you feel like you are at home and when you are there you have the opportunity to learn other cultures
Don't go if you are not a Mexican or can't speak spanish. It's good for to get a high school diploma but no future. The school is so racist, especially the principal and the teachers.
Presbyterian Pan American School is a school that is rich in its diversity of students as they come from not only different countries and backgrounds and focuses to prepare the students to become leaders of the world by challenging them with high-level academics and extracurricular activities.
There are many extra curricular activities in the school but not every student is accepted
Sometimes the school nurse does not treat the student well enough, some students have to go many times to the nurse or even call their parents so they can take the students to the doctor
I will go to this school again because if though me to survive in a environment in which nothing will be ever fear or easy, I love my friends and like some of the staff but this is the same reason that I will not consider the school again
Most of the teachers are good but they have a lot of preference in some students, in other words if your are not one of the favorites then your will not succeed no matter how smart you are and if you are a favorite then you have A's in everything and you will be in everything no matter how dumb you are
You can join any clubs or teams that you want
It's really safe, you can't go anywhere except your room and the school campus.
You can make lots of mexican friends.
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It's pretty cheap school.. and all the teachers are mexican except two. The kids are moslty mexican too.
The friends you make there are for your lifetime. I graduated 2 years ago and all of my friends are far away, but we still keep in touch with each other.
THe school itself might suck, but overall you get a nice experience if you get a squad to hang out with
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