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There were some really great teachers throughout my time there, but it can be hard to fit in with the students if you aren't exactly like them. There are some good extracurricular activities though! Choir and drama club are both really great at PCS and some of the sports too.
Very close knit school. Small enough to know everyone but lots to offer. Every sport offered for the athletes. Good locations and easy to access. I have attended this school for 12 years and love the family feel this school provides.
A small, safe school with excellent programs for college preparation. The majority of the teachers care and put forth the effort for their students.
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Email is the most effective method of communication at our school. The school has a very nice website in which to access general public information and a link for students and parents to access information (enrollment authorization required.) Classes are small and teachers seem to really care for their students. We are a very close group.
School spirt and support of athletic teams as well as community involvement are constantly stressed. Athletic teams include but are not limited to football, baseball, basketball, track and field, swimming, archery, cheer and drill team, softball, female volleyball, golf, soccer and tennis. Outside athletics, academic clubs (Physics, Foreign Language, FBLA, BETA, etc.) as well as the Arts (Choral, Drama Club, etc.) are also offered. Several prayer groups and bible studies meet throughout the year on both a student and parent level.
The faculty and administration genuinely care for the students. They are very involved with the personal well being and pray over the students daily. The school does a fine job in uniting the student body for great community service projects as well as support for the athletic teams. School pride and spirit are emphasized greatly!
i love going to thing school. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
My school is very preparing, it has taught me to work harder and study harder. It is a good Christian School that always makes time to have Chapels and teach you more about Jesus Christ. All the teachers are encourage-rs and teach you to strive to be the best.
We rarely have difficult with AC/heat. The guidance counselor is wonderful! College prep classes are basically college. Students are welcome to come in before/after school for one-on-one or group tutoring.
I absolutely love my school. My entire class of 2015 is 74 best friends. I would definitely choose PCS again because I know that I will be prepared for college.
My school definitely wants kids that are devoted to God and to our studies. We also recruit kids form surrounding public schools for sports sometimes.
I love my teachers. The only complaint I would have would be hard classes, but honestly that's a good thing, so I guess my argument is invalid.
I think my school is very safe. The front door is always locked and there's a buzzer you have to mash and a security camera facing the door so the office ladies can see who it is before they let you in, even for students. I've rarely heard of bullying at school. I think my school is good about that.
We have so many clubs that are run by the best of teachers. They put so much effort into the well-being of the school and students. We have club meetings and lots of activities.
I absolutely love that because of the size of the school, everyone knows everyone. Teachers that I've never been in class with know my name and I know they care about my education too. Our principal, the office ladies, and teachers all know everyone and I love the personal feel of the school.
Leaving high school I truly felt that I was prepared for the real world. Anything that came my way whether good or bad i felt that I was prepared to concur it. I am greatly appreciative of my high school experience.
There are many choices for students to have.
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The administration knows all the students by name and is interested in the development of the students' academics.
The students and teachers are very helpful and accepting of new students.
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