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Preparatory Charter School of Mathematics, Science, Tech & Careers Reviews

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Prep Charter offers career development to all students which is helpful to knowing what career path to choose. They also offer community college classes to seniors which is beneficial by allowing seniors to earn early credits.
The teachers at prep charter really pushes the students with academics, you can tell they want the best for the students. They just need to prepare their students with college readiness more.
Prep Charter is a small one floor friendly school that cares about the students' safety and academic education. I like Prep Charter because the teachers are all nice and friendly and they would treat the students like their own family.
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Preparatory Charter High School is a College readying school that helps their seniors prepare for college. The environment is safe and I feel safe when I am in school, although I wish the school was more lenient on the uniforms. I also wish they had more clubs and activities to join.
I been attending this school since i was freshman and now that I am a senior, I can say that I am prepared for college. this school makes you apply to 4 year college , when your a senior (its a requirement to graduate) . In the school mainly all of teachers are white and 2-3 black teacher . This school akao has a esl for non-english students that come in from different countries and the also have a learning support program, that is also useful for some of the kids there.There are a almost never any fights that take place in the school and security is every up to date with metal detectors and bag scans machine in the school , when you walk in to the school.
I like the structure of the school day. I like how we have four classes a day and the career development program. I think the career development program is a great way to prepare us for the future. However, I think the career development sites should be based off of what career we want in the future.
I like the fact that Preparatory Charter High School offers the students a career development every year for all four years. I also like that in your senior year at Prep you can take courses at Community College of Philadelphia and graduate with two credits toward college. The teachers and administrators at prep all care about the students academically and safety wise. It is just like a big happy family.
I hope to see change during admissions. People should not be picked based on the lottery but instead on their grades and essays.
I liked that most of the teachers cared and took the time to talk to all students whether passing or failing. And, I also liked that for athletes they have mandatory tutoring so that the chances of an athlete failing is lower.
The career development opportunity and the ability to take up to 6 college credits in the student’s senior year.
Prep Charter was a very helpful school. They have a program called career development starting your freshman year of high school. I think this program was the most helpful for me because it opens your mind to what the work force is like whether you are working in a school, in an office setting, or at the hospital. The teachers and faculty really care about you and your preparation for college. Student body is very diverse but not exposed to many different cultures. There are many club for a student to join, and if there's not a club that you see but are interested in, you can create one. The food isn't so great as a vegan there are not many options, but many other students think that the food is great. Academics are very good and a student can learn a lot in the 90 minute block period. Uniform rules are pretty strict considering that it is a charter/public high school.
The school prepared me for college. Very small and diverse, everybody knew everybody. When help was needed administration was there to assist you.
teachers are great. School is not clean and has bed bugs.You could be sitting at you desk and a bed bug will drop from the ceiling. Not in the best area.
Prep Charter definitely prepared me for college. Prep Charter pay for their students to take up to 2 college classes their senior year and it was very enlightening and helpful. We got to experience a little of the college workload. I also like how the students volunteer somewhere one day out the week. It opens the students' minds to different careers they may be interested in.
My experience in this school has been very educational. As a senior, I am learning about mortgages, finance, and college loans. Also, I am taking college courses which have been very helpful and a great educational experience. The education that I am receive will bring me much success in my future and will allow me to reach my goals. Overall, my experiences has been excellent.
My experience at prep charter was great. I loved how the teachers cared about students, and how the students cared about each other. I loved how each day I was willing to learn because the teachers were happy to teach. I loved international day, it was a day to explore different cultures, food, and interact with others.
My time at prep charter has been great. I have grown and matured a lot .My school is a college prep and they have helped me a lot . They work one on one with the students and make sure that the student has everything they need to be successful .
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Overall, Prep was a good school. The teachers there during my time were wonderful. They never hesitated to help a student on personal level as well as academically. Clubs and activities were limited at the time I was attending. They may have more now. Everything would be in good standing, but one thing they need to highly improve is the food and parent involvement.
When I started my freshman year at Prep Charter it was great, the people and the teachers so friendly and warm hearted. As the years went by tenth grade and eleventh grade things began to change such as the uniform policy, new teachers coming to the school, and difficulty with the athletic department. I can truly say that my freshman year was my best year overall and now my senior year I have to make my best so I can remember all of my friends and the great memories I had with them. Some of the things I don't like about the school is how cold it gets and we are not allowed to wear hoodies so most of the time your freezing but other than that the school is very well organized and the academics here is challenging but you have to put your very best into everything you receive.
Ive been attending Prep Charter since my 9th grade year. I didn't like the school at first, but my three years so far at prep Charter have been great. Now that I'm a senior that will be graduating soon, I really loved the time I've spent here. I'm really glad that I picked this school to attend for my four years of high school. All the teachers and staff are very supporting, they make sure your on top of your work, especially when it comes to applying to college. All of the staff and teachers are more like your parents at school, always making sure your doing the right thing when it comes to education. Some of the teachers even tell you things they wish they did in high school that they didn't do, like taking time to apply to scholarships and visiting campuses to make sure their a good fit for you. It really shows how much they really care about the students.
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