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I’ve been going here since 9th grade, I can say that it is a very good school. Personally, I’ve gotten a lot of help from certain teachers to get where I am now but I can also say not all students get that.
The adults at Preparatory Academy for Writers are really understanding of their students and treat us like their own children. I can say, that this school was a home away from home. The only reason I didn't give the school 5 stars is because it's not as cleanly as a school should be and the amounts of rules they have in place kind of suffocates children.
Teachers and staff generally make an effort to know who you are over the course of your time there, and some do genuinely care about your emotional/mental well-being. There's definitely favoritism, however, and issues are taken with various degrees of seriousness to be frank.
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It’s a small school so if you are a good student you have a lot of power here. The counselors are great and care if you go to college. Theirs a lot of good teachers
I like how teachers and counselors always seem to be there for us students. There is a feeling of a family like connection in the hallways and although the school is not perfect, the administrators always seem to aim for the very best.
Preparatory Academy For Writers has been a very productive school from the 7 years I've been there. The teachers there are very proactive, making sure no student is on the road to failure, but on the road to success.
I love the environment, as our principal attempts to make school fun. However, I believe that this school should no longer have 6-8th graders as they look up to the high schoolers. Those in grades 9 through 12 are not necessarily trying to be a role model, so the middle schoolers will even mimic their bad behavior; they miss out on the experience of being a child!
Preparatory academy for writers a school that goes from grades 6-12 that is apart of Springfield Gardens Educational campus. When i talk to my friends from other schools the fun and educational values don't really match those of P.A.W. At P.A.W. they prepare us from 8th grade to start our high school journey with us starting to take regents and then with the head start on the regents when we go into high school we are now striving to get an advanced regents diploma. In our school teachers really care for you and hope for you to do the best. With numerous mentoring programs in our school they ensure that faliure is not an option. The teachers make you feel comfortable where you can go to them not only about school but personal matters also and be sure to get the best advice. What i would like to see change about the school is for us to maybe get more involved in the community so we can uplift the younger students to want to make a difference.
I go to Preparatory Academy For Writers aka PAW and I'm in the 10th grade. I've been going to this school since 6th grade and it's a very great school. It has very great academics and a lot of opportunities for students as early as the 8th grade. The school also get their students college ready through their advisory programs. It has a lot of clubs and activities such as an after school program for Middle school students and student government for students who wish to portray their leadership roles.
Preparatory Academy for writers is good in the way that it is a close knit school with amazing teachers, but also with some bad teachers. It's a school that tries to make do with what it has.
This is a decent school that rest in a magnet school building. Children have to go through scanning, and there is 24/7 surveillance by camera. There are also security guards on campus as long as the school is open. Hot and Cold food is always offered, but there are very little options to choose from. There are few options that rotate every day. Academically, if a person wants to succeed they will. There are smart boards in many of the classrooms, a dedicated Computer Lab, and laptops in some classrooms. Teachers for the most part care for the students. Academics here for the most part is satisfying, but sometimes wavers due to some limited resources, administrative policies, and rarely teachers themselves. Students here are all mixed. Some care about there work, and some do not. Which is why many students fail, or have an average GPA. This is mostly there fault as the school has many modest policies for a student to catch up academically.
My four year experience in Preparatory Academy for Writers had been one to remember. The ups and downs and laughs and cries were extremely overwhelming. Though the only thing I would love to change about that experience is the middle school. I believe their presents in the school was unnecessary. Something I loved about the school was most teachers, so nice and caring and strives for us to do our best.
As a student that came from school in South Carolina this school is really good . They help me adjust and made sure that I would graduate in time . The teacher are very helpful and understanding . The teachers also try to connect with every student to make no student feel left out . The principal Mr.Anderson is also a great principal a great principal for our school his energy matches the school energy and pushing the students to be successful .
My time at preparatory academy for writers is unforgettable they gave us the chance to see "Hamilton " also I got to perform for the cast. I've produced music and grew amazing relationships with friends and connections with teachers and my principle. My school is like no other and a school I definitely recommend to anyone.
I met all of my amazing friends at this school ever since the 6th grade and even through high school. There are also many special people waiting to show their talents and skills. The best thing I can say is the relationships that the students have with their teachers. They do their best to fight for the students' grades. It's the relationships you build that help make this school a great one.
It's not the best school out there, honestly. But in the past years that I've been here, I learned a lot about myself and I learned a lot from my teachers.
I love the lay out, everything is easy to find and navigate. It gives me a little insight on the colleges that I'm looking forward to applying too, I et all my information from this site. its quiet amazing actually.
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Throughtout my experience at this school I have attened so many clubs and even was able to create my own club.
My experience at this school has allowed me to learn more abou tmyself and really discover my purpuse in life. At this school I was provided with many oppurtunities that allowed me to advance acdemically and socially. Throughtout my many years at this school, I've made life long friendships and have developed persoanl relationships with my teachers. I honestly feel that I have the support of the whole school in anything I set my mind to do.
The teacher at this school fo their best to support their students in every way. they provide guidance and advce outside of the tradtional classroom setting. They don't limit themselves and find ways to make the classroom experience great for their students.
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