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Prentiss High School Reviews

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Prentiss High school was an amazing school I loved everything about it. From the teachers down to the sports everything was great. I was in the band from 6-12 grade I played the flute, twirled flag and danced it was amazing. Sadly I can’t change anything because my school is now combined with our rival school. The rival football games were the best it was always great to see Prentiss VS Bassfield.
I loved Prentiss High School's atmosphere of family and love. One thing I would love to see change is the amount of resources provided to our children. I feel as if there are not even efficient resources to prepare the students.
The parents are okay but lacking in some areas.
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High school are your best years of life your young and just getting the feel of things I wouldn't change it for anything
The teachers are very helpful even when the students dont need help
I believe out of the whole school only two teachers had a lesson plan. These teachers was the only ones that was very knowledgeable about their course. They utilized all their skills in the hopes of allowing their students to learn. They presented games, one on ones, communicated trying to find out why students wasn't catching on, and the grading was consistent and fair.
This school barely prepared me for their own tests, let alone the real world/college.
Its not really something that the school really put out there for us to join we normally had to find out information on things of interest on our own.
The school made us very ready for the real world in my thoughts.
Some staff members try to help as much as possible
Our school offers different clubs to participate in
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