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My experience at Prentice High was memorable. I was active, and I was constantly looking for clubs, organizations, or events to put on. Our school culture is amazing, and extremely united considering we're so small. I love our tight-knit, helpful school, and I'm extremely grateful I was able to meet some many important people while still getting an excellence education.
Since our school is way up north, we aren't very ethnically diverse. However, we are very accepting and push each other to achieve the best we can.
Teachers in this school do the best they can with what they're given.
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I have never felt unsafe at this school even though security is basically nonexistent. In such a small area, everyone knows all the teachers and all the students. Someone who's out of place or new sticks out.
This is the best school in the area. There are good teachers who care and a stimulating environment where students push each other to do better.
The teachers in this school have always gone above and beyond to help all students do their best and succeed.
Most of the teachers at PHS are caring and go above and beyond for students. Since it's so small, it's easy to get help with schoolwork if you don't understand something. If a student wants to accomplish a goal, teachers will normally back them 100%. I love Prentice and wouldn't choose any other school in the area to attend.
Lots of the extracurricular opportunities were sports. There were limited drama related clubs, and fewer academic clubs
After graduating, I attended a public college. I very well prepared in all my general education credits. I think my AP English class really helped me be ready for college level writing.
It's fairly easy to do well in school here.
There aren't any gangs in Prentice. The town is so safe that we don't need to have security.
I don't know anything about the admission. I didn't have a choice to go to this school and my parents handled it.
I was a three season athlete and I loved my experience in every team.
Since the school is so poor and small, the cooks only made one meal and a few sides and that was the only choice the students had.
It was a high school of 150 students. Everyone including the teachers knew your business. It was hard at times.
The dress code is pretty strict. Students can't show shoulders or too much leg. There can't be any cleavage showing. They are even going as far as making the volleyball team wear long spandex (like biker shorts). You can't have any holes in your jeans anywhere from the knees and up. If there are holes, they have to be taped up or something has to be worn under them.
The counselor that was at the school up until my senior year wasn't helpful at all. The counselor my senior year was very helpful. I've been told by my friends that still go to school there that the current counselor has told them he won't help them because he doesn't like them. That is unacceptable. When I tried to meet with him to talk about getting my transcripts being sent out, I had to search the whole school to find him.
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Our school is very out of date. It seems like all the money is given to the basketball team for new uniforms, balls, team water bottles etc. Almost all of the books are out of date. Things are broken. Some classes still have black boards.
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