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Premier High School of Waco Reviews

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Premier high school really helped me through high school, prepare me for college. The teachers were excellent, always willing and ready to help. Food wasn’t that great, no sports which kinda sucked. But over all I enjoyed it
They are a amazing school! They helped me out so much! The staff there is amazing and very helpful! I’m a single mother and they are helping me graduate!
Premier is a charter school and I like it because the teachers there are actually trying to help you. You can do the work on your own pace, which is great because a lot of students are more comfortable with that than trying to rush work with deadlines. It also helps kids that are behind in credits so they have a chance to bring up their grades and earn more credits to pass to the next grade or graduate. Even kids that have kids or are on their way to having a kid as well. I would recommend anyone to go here so they can get their education and do something with their life than do nothing with their life.
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Premier high school of Waco is a great school if your looking to graduate early. Your allowed to go at your own pace, but still get pushed so you won't fall behind.
Premier High School Makes Me Feel Safe.
There Are Healthy Snacks In The Snack Machine
Dress Code Would Be The Topic I Approach Mostly Because We Don't Really Have One Only To Come To School Dressed Appropriately
Premier High Doesn't Have Sports
The Teachers Are Great They Involve Themselves With The Students And Help The Best They Can
I'm Not Familiar With Premier High Having Any Clubs Or Extracurricular Activities
This school does not offer any extracurricular activities.
This school can be very beneficial or it can be the complete opposite. In order for this school to benefit a student, he/she must work hard and stay focused so they do not fall behind. Once you're behind, it can be very difficult to get caught back up.
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