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Premier High School of San Juan Reviews

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Premier was the best experience that I could have had thorughout my high school years. There was no drama like a regular high school. Teachers were so focused on their students and it was an always one on one lesson. The school has many great resources as well as motivational faculty. Its staff makes you feel welcome as soon as ypu enter the building, I would recommend this school to every student because not only does it offer many educational advancements but a smooth journey to discovering who you are as well.
fitness is very well to be in good constion for sprts
communication of skills dont happen to often that much
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academic in my scgool are too poor
lunch is not that good sometimes is good and bad aa
dress school code is not neccssary everybody knows what to wear already
tutorial is needed for several students in school not for everybody
Since i was small i never thought i was gonna makeiot this far
In my schools policy of security it aint the same as everybody else
Everyone is pretty open minded its okay .
Some teachers are pretty cool and helpful and others are not so much .
I guess that part was okay .
everything is an F !
They dont have any of those things.
This school gives many students the opportunity to go to college or university anywhere in the nation. Also, this school allows you to graduate early. Thus, the school is challenging even for smart people.
The school is small, they haven't changed the colors from inside the rooms, they don't have counselors etc...
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