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Premier High School of Palmview Reviews

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Premier High School of Palmview is an amazing school. Although it is small, Premier is great. We have club organizations and great one to one student ratio. Amazing staff, very friendly and the teachers help students as much as they can in our work. Premier High School is the next step to prepare your kids to college readiness.
This a great school, you are close to all the staff and students. You get great help from all the staff great place to be at.
I would chose this school all over again because it has teached me so many stuff not just educationally ,but also in life. The units we use to learn with are really good and helpful. They are full of very good information and are understandable. If by any chance you have any trouble with the unit the teachers are always there to help you out.
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The overall quality of the teachers is great. I like how they are there to help you out during problems and also involve themselves beyond education. They push you to do great things and to not go for small things <but try because they know you can.
its okay they offer good academics
Their is not much security at this school but since its a private school hardly people come visit this school.
I like this school because you can work hard and be more advanced and you can graduate earlier if you work hard for it.
Premier High School of Palmview is very strict in the dress code and in attending to school
The PHS staff is the best. They were always giving us their support to complete our goals.
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