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Premier High School of North Austin Reviews

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Premier High School of North Austin has been a great school to be attending. I love being number one in class ranking and was very happy to be accepted into the school. The school has a lot of people that don't try a lot but I would love to see more people like myself attending Premier High School of North Austin to better change the stereotypes of my beloved high school.
Premier High School of North Austin provides a very unique learning environment in which students can work comfortably at their own pace. Premier also heavily encourages co-enrollment through Austin Community College, where students can earn as many college credits as they are able to throughout high school. I, myself, was able to earn 29 college credits and graduate high school an entire year early as Valedictorian of the class of 2017. The teachers and staff are also genuinely invested in the students' education and obviously wish for them to succeed. If I had to change anything about this school, I would increase the amount of clubs and extracurricular activities that are offered.
The learning environment is very free and comfortable. Self-paced with no academic constraints.
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Teachers are very approachable and understanding.
Premier was the best 4 months of my high school career. I didn't necessarily make a lot of friends because I was very busy, but it was so enjoyable. I looked forward to class every single day, and I would do it over in a heartbeat.
I love this school because it allowed me to work hard and flourish. You get what you put in. The harder you work the more you get out of your education. Also, you can graduate early. School is only 4 hours a day and the teachers are awesome and are very helpful and flexible.
Since we don't have a cafeteria system set up, the school has to ordered packaged food which I've never eaten but people say tastes okay. Other than the food the actually facility is nice and the timing is good and they give us a pretty decent amount of time to eat.
The administration and policies are fair. They give warnings and ask a couple times before punishing and I believe there punishments are fair.
The teachers here really try there best to help every student succeed. Not every student cares, but regardless they still give it there best shot to help them out.
we dont have extra activities
its nice well cleaned. dont have really any problem with bugs
its fun i get to get all the help that i need.
we are allowed to wear what ever we want as long as it is appropriate....
there has been a fight at all this year
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