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Premier High School of New Braunfels Reviews

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I loved Premier as a High School student. I love that students are able to focus on coursework and coursework only. No organized sports, so studies are a top focus. Premier is overall a great choice for students who are interested in graduating early and heading to college early!
The teachers get along well with the students. They claimed to not allow anyone with a history of getting in trouble or suspension from schools. However, they do not follow that claim. There are many students who do not have the best character. It is a good school to go at your own pace though. It allows for more independence as well.
I love the fact that they have such a wide variety of classes that you can take
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They are overall very open and accepting of everyone
It is overall pretty safe. They have all the evacuation drills and plans. Plus it is a three minutes drive to the closest local police station and twenty minutes drive to the fire department. So overall I would say they have a pretty good safety system in place.
I love that they offer a great deal of extracurricular classes. I'm a big fan of the online courses especially criminology.
The school doesn't have any athletics programs but the parents are very involved in their child's learning progress.
The staff is very friendly and helpful. If one teacher can't help you they always have another who can.
I have only taken one elective and it was very easy to comprehend.
The parents at this school are supporting I've of their children.
The teachers at my school are very helpful and explain things to me to better my education.
This school is very accepting and the people here are very diverse. People from all different backgrounds come here and accept others no matter theirs.
This school is very secure because the students that come here have only one goal: graduate. They do not allow anything else to get in the way and allow each other to feel safe by being safe.
This school allowed me to see my own potential and encouraged me to finish school. At the public school, I was beginning to slack and not feel confident about myself. Coming to this school opened my eyes again and encouraged me to work hard. The teachers are the best I have ever seen and I just wish I had known about it before. I would have attended here and finished quite a bit earlier. I would do this entire experience again and hope others feel the same way I do. This school has been the best thing in my life so far and has provided the belief that there will be many other great things ahead for me as well.
Dress code is very enforced here, but they will not always send you home to change for it. The school understands education is very important and have even bought spare polo shirts for a student to change into if they come to school without it. This is to prevent them from missing any class time. The administration is very kind and understanding with the students. They will help them if they are having personal issues and do their best to help them.
I first attended this school with the intent of graduating as fast as I can and leaving as fast as I could. I am currently still here and am planning to graduate a year early. I was not expecting the teachers here to be so helpful and kind. Although a teacher may not be highly knowledgeable in each class, there is one on campus who is in that class. The teachers constantly push us to do our best and sit with us to help if we so need it. I love the teachers on this campus because they actually care for each individual student unlike the public school in my area. I will never forget these teachers when I leave and all they have done for me, specifically Ms. Jones.
administration helps students a lot.
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The teaches are really helpful. The teachers work until the know the student understands.
the computers in the classrooms come in handy.
the school doesn't have sports but the packets for fitness are helpful.
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