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Premier High School of Mission Reviews

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Great school has a family environment. Will recommend it. Teachers help you understand topic even though it is at your own pace school and the majority of the work your do on your own.
They go above and beyond to meet the needs of each child. They genuinely care about each student and work hard to help them be successful.
Being at Premier of Mission High School, helps you feel a belonging in the heart and soul of our small yet wonderful school.Being my second year as a junior i would like to see more diversity, more help for courses. We are right next to a hospital! Hopefully we can get a certificate program.
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I absolutely loved all the educators that worked there! Including the principal! The school work is completed at your own pace whether you're a fast or more intricate learner and I really appreciated that! I definitely excelled in this kind of learning environment.
The only security this school has is Controlled building access by the Front Desk operator.
This school is a charter school. The funding is not available for any extracurricular activities.
I loved that I was able to pace myself to fit my learning needs. I was able to take more time on the subjects that I struggled with, as well as I was able to breeze through the subjects that came natural to me. The teachers were always there to keep students on track, and to help anyone that was falling behind. I would choose to send my students to this school for them to graduate.
The teachers of PHSM are devoted to the learning and understanding of all students. When a student is falling behind, the teachers make it their priority to help that individual to succeed.
I appreciate to have been a student at Premier High School. Their was rarely any bullying, discrimination, or peer pressure when I was in Premier. Maybe it might be because its a small public charter school where the teachers pay extra attention to the students. When I was about to graduate the teachers helped me out when I struggled to finish. I got to finish at 16 and salutatorian thanks to teachers and staff. If were to choose which high school to again I will always choose Premier High School of Mission.
Although food is provided, i believe that the food could be a lot better. There are no cafeteria ladies that take care of the food but a teacher who makes sure we all have something to eat. Even though the food is not at its best, fruits and juices are provided for those not willing to eat the food. there is variety every day of the school week there is a different meal choice.
The teachers at this school are very helpful, they go above and beyond to help their students. They are very educated and enjoy showing their knowledge with their students. The teachers are supportive and they take their time to teach you separately what you dint understand.
The academics at this school, in my opinion are quite good. The teachers make sure the students follow their schedule .And if the student needs extra help on a particular subject, the teacher of that particular subject will find time to help that student even if its after school.
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