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Premier High School of Lubbock Reviews

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I highly enjoyed getting one on one help and attention. The hours really worked with my busy work schedule. The staff at Premier High School of Lubbock deserves a lot of respect for all that they do and help you with.
I moved to premier to excellerate my graduation, and it has been the best thing I have ever done. The teachers are great. They sit down with you one on one until you understand what you are working on. Thanks to premier, I am graduating on may 25th 2018 which is a whole year earlier than expected of me. This school has made me much happier with its drama free environment. I thank God for bringing forth the opportunity to go to premier high school of lubbock.
My experience with Premier High School has been great! My teachers are always there to help me with anything I need as well as all the staff.
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I came to Premier High School beginning of my junior year and I am a senior now, I've had lots of up's and down's here; but, that's high school, lol. I love how everyone's work is individualized and you can work at your own pace. It's nice to have your own little cubicle to focus on work, and the teacher's are there to help you when needed. Like most schools you have those teachers you really like and some you don't. Sometimes some of the teachers can act a little immature and get into drama between the students and don't really put a stop to anything; or they stir the pot. Other then that there isn't really any drama, everyone keeps to themselves with one goal, to graduate! If I had to choose again between coming here and staying at my old high school I would stay at Premier.
There are no extracurricular actives that are available for student. There is family days where the parents come and eat food and talk to teachers. Saturday school is also available to those who need the extra help.
I would want to go to Premier High School if I could do it all over again. This school had a big impact on my life in an educational and personal way. Before I went to Premier, I was making a C average and was not engaged in extra curricular actives. I decided to go to this school because I was not able to learn the way traditional schools taught. At this school teacher actually listen and pay attention to their students. Teachers are able to tell if their is a problem in the learning process and if their is something wrong in the student's personally life. This connection with teacher and student is what I enjoy about Premier.
At my school, Premier High School, teachers engage with the students' academic life and their personal life. Since the class rooms have at most 50 students, teachers have the advantage to connect with their students. Most of the population of the student body are at-risk, which means that they have a more difficult time achieving their educational and life goals. Teachers at big distract schools would usually pass over the "at-risk" students, leaving them to be vulnerable to outside influences that can lead them away from their goals. But that is not the case at Premier High School, the teachers work for the students. The teachers will make a special plan for the students so they can get the help they need to reach their goals. With 90% of the student population being at-risk, Premier has a high graduation rate. Without this school, students will not be able to receive the help they need and/or drop out of high school
What makes this school unique is at other schools I didn't have a relationship with my teachers, they didn't care about me. Here, teachers want to see you succeed and do your best.
Very helpful staff and teachers when it comes to colleges.
The teachers are very helpful and kind to their students.
This school focuses mostly on catching up or getting ahead and the teachers are very helpful.
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