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Premier High School of Granbury Reviews

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Premier offers an unique program that, if taken advantage of, can allow the student to flourish. I personally fell behind at the public school and felt isolated from my peers due to inadequate hands on teaching and the lack of a time or place to socialize. At Premier, I was offered a chance to catch up and even get ahead; in fact, I rose my grades to way above passing, something I was unable to achieve at the public school. However, if the student refuses to participate, this program won't magically fix lack of motivation. The best asset the school has to offer, however, is the principle, Mrs. Grissom. She is one of the most compassionate and intelligent human beings I have, or ever will, meet. She is very hands on and cares for every child as if her own.
My favorite thing about Premier would have to be the fact that it’s self paced. You do the work as fast as you are able to and once you complete all your work, you “graduate.” They hold a ceremony at the end of the year for all the graduates.
Premier High School gives students the opportunity to work at their own pace. Instead of being either dragged along without fully understanding curriculum or constantly having to stunt your own progress, you can choose to work at whatever pace feels comfortable.
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Teachers are amazing! so attentive and helpful! Always there when needed.
There is a lot of diversity here!
We dont have lunch becuase we only come to school from 8 am to 12 pm
I love my school. We dont have any extracurriculars, but I like it that way. We only go from 8am-12pm and I get to work at my own pace. The staff is 100% attentive and helpful to all of the students and parents. My school is unique for the fact that we only go four hours a day and we are our own school district. If I had the choice, I would actually choose to come here early than I did! I only came here with 1/4 of my freshman year left.
We had a choir, but that is it. Due to the fact that we are so small and have so little amount of students, we dont have any extracurriculars. We have fun parties at school and they give out prizes, but we dont have any clubs or organizations.
The principal is the best principal ever! She is always there whenever needed and so are the rest of the teachers and staff. We dont tolerate bullying, we have a standard dresscode, but its more lieniant than others. We cant show a lot of skin, but we can wear pajama pants, flip flops, etc. If we dont show up at school, we get a call from our secretary.
The workload is very tedious at this school. We are a charter school and all the kids work at their own pace on their own academics. We have one on one teacher tutoring available, but ultimately we do everything ourselves. We have electives, but they are working electives, such as, child development, bible literacy, accounting, college prep, etc. The teachers are always there when we have questions, but they don't stand infront of the room and teach us.
There are always going to be those few bad people at a school that cause problems, but ultimately we never have fights in our hallway. Nothing is ever written on the walls or bathroom stalls. My school is very safe. We have an alarm on our school door that has to be unlocked by the secretary before anyone can enter.
Our school is very small, but in amazing condition! The walls are all painted nicely, no chips hanging off the walls. Our bathrooms are always clean and stocked with nice scented soap, even lotion! Toilet paper and paper towels are always there. The floor and carpet is always clean and tidy. Everyone has access to a computer, very easily! The outside of our school building has a nice garden, benches to sit on, and a covered awning for when it rains. We have teachers that are always there when we need them for help or advice. Our counselor takes the time to get to know everyone. Parents can come up whenever they want and have an appointment free talk with our principal or teachers. We do not offer buses, but that is because we are so small.
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