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Premier High School of Fort Worth Reviews

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Work is very challenging and you dont get the help you need but overall its not too bad you only attend for 4 hrs and some of the staff is nice its good if you want to graduate early
I just started here but, so far its been going good. They have great teachers here. A great school and, I do recommend this school to others.
The academic programs are the best ones I have ever used, they are self-paced and if you don't understand something the teacher can explain it very well.
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There are all different racial diversity and everyone gets along together. There is no drama at the school either.
The teachers and students have been very kind and we help each other out and make sure everyone gets their work done so that we can all graduate.
The teachers help the students the best of their abilities and if the student still doesn't understand they re-explain in a different way to help them understand.
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