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Stay in public school. I was looking for a way to graduate faster to peruse higher education but ended up graduating on time. The atmosphere is poor and very demotivating. This is a charter school, which from my experience, meant that you sit in a cubical and work on packets at your own pace. It's a very interesting way of learning but in the end I felt I had missed out on the high school experience.
I love the community in the school, it's such a relaxed environment and everyone really gets along, so there's no drama normally. The teachers are also really great and as helpful as possible.
Premier High School of Austin allowed and helped me to get to where I was supposed to be.
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Premier High School of Austin is a great school if you need to get caught up to where you are supposed to be or want to get ahead.
I love loved all my classes including math and science. My math teacher always made math class fun. My science teacher always made time to tutor me.
Over all I have nothing to complain about. Premier isn't for everyone but if you like to learn things one on on with teachers and like to work alone it is a great place to be. It challenges you to be your best self. It has given me the tools I need to take the next step in my educational career.
The principal and staff are always involved in helping students and parents with any concerns they might have. Students feel comfortable with the staff because of their friendly nature which allows the students to ask for help when they need it.
its giving me quiet surroundings to learn
I have worked as a junior counselor at a summer camp and have carefully mapped out my course to acquire my doctor of medicine.
The clubs are diverse and can be created by a student if an interest is established.
I never had any problems nor did any of my friends with being accepted.
Building are up to date. Great support from teachers and students, and college prep is top notch!
Never had any problems with bullying or personal safety concerns.
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