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Premier High School of Abilene Reviews

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I loved that I was able to go at my own pace and actually graduate. It took awhile for me to get my cover letter back while other people got there's just a day or two after they finished.
I liked the fact that they have helped me more than my previous high school and I have been very sucessful because of them.
I love Premier because I can do my work at my on pace and finish school early. The school itself can use some minor improvements. For example, the schools breakfast/lunch is repulsive. Other than those few little things, I overall enjoy my school.
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This school is great because it allows you to work at faster paces then most schools.
The principal is way too full of herself.
They helped me get into college.
You get out what you put in.
Charter schools don't get much funding.
I'm glad I'm not in hs anymore.
The food sucks ass and they don't do defib training since the fattest teacher got fired.
I'm on the deans list at a four-year school now.
The building doesn't have a lot of stuff, but for what we do there its more than enough
Most of our extracurricular activities are academics, since we do not have any sports or athletics.
I love my school, it is very close knit since there are not a lot of people who go there. I have learned more in this type of school than I think I would have in any public school in my area.
We do not tolerate bullying, violence, drugs, or alcohol on campus. We've never had any threats made against us to my extinct of knowledge.
The school doesn't provide us with many options being a Charter Title 1 school. We do get automatically accepted into the Community College.
The academics in this school sticks to the basics but we do have a few other electives. They can take Art, Guitar, and Physical Education, Speech and Health.
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They make it to wear you cant wear tights, even if your shirt covers your butt.
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