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Premier Charter High School Reviews

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Premier Charter High School was unlike your typical school. There's pros and cons about it, but overall it has helped me learn, not just about math lessons but life lessons. The teachers are able to acknowledge all the students in class. It's easier for the teachers to give each student their individual attention because at this charter school there's less students in classes and overall. Premier had nearly 300, so every teacher knew your name and actually remembers you and what sort of parts in school you struggle with. I liked it because it was much easier to ask for help and finish courses quicker than usual. I liked how the staff was helpful and kept us up to date with what to do in order to graduate. Although I disliked the lunch, I enjoyed lunch time with friends. I was able to graduate as a junior, maybe not with the highest GPA but I did it! Last but not least, Premiers' staff was extremely supportive, which was the best part of it! I really enjoyed my experience being there.
THere is no school nurse, the school social worker is a pervert (Mr. Froyo) and even though there are cameras everywhere, it doesn't make a difference. A year ago, a student was caught on camera doing cocaine in a math class. No one could identify the student, including the teacher. Kids have brought guns to school. Kids smoke pot in the restrooms.
Students don't want to be involved. They are too busy working or making babies or taking care of babies for themselves or their parents.
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Don't send your kids to this school if you love them and want what is best for your child's future.
This school does not have a staff that wants to stay. The turnover rate for teachers here is about 60-80%. The principal gives failing students who did not attend class for the entire semester "packets" to complete in order to receive credit for the class, allowing students to graduate, but learning absolutly nothing. Students don't attend class or do the regular course work designated by the state of AZ because they know Mrs. Petersen will give them a packet. She feels great because the students love her at the moment, but later in life when they find they cannot compete with their peers for a decent job, they regret it. Premier students who attend GCC average a GPA of 1.75, that is a D-. The diploma that the students "earn" is not worth the 20 cent paper it is printed on. Teachers try, but are ineffective due to the poor attendance rates. This school is not one a parent should send their child.
Premier high school has the same peer pressure and challenges as any other charter school. Challenges that give students the option to either continued with there graduation or not. Going to a charter school was not the best option out there. Usually it is the last option but this experience only made me want to try even harder in life. Premier high school gave me hope in my education.
Premier high school always had options available for after graduation. I always wanted to go to college but had no idea on how to do it. Premier gave me the option in applying for financial aid but I am so thankful for my future college help.
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