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The policies they have for us are there to make sure that we are safe and that we don't disturb the learning environment. The only thing that I find wrong in the rules is the no music, well no head phones rule. I understand that during the teaching it is disrespectful but after the teaching and when you are doing your own private work you can listen to your own music. Some people listen to music so that they could stay focused on their work, most people loose focus easily. But over all they rules and policies are there to insure our safety and consideration for others learning environment
The food at Premier is well food. Sometimes it edible and sometimes its not. I mean they do have salads and food you would usually eat out somewhere. But I guess that the place where you eat out would be better than this school food
Going to Premier Academy has been the high light of my life but also the low light of it as well. Meaning that life at Premier has had its ups and downs. But overall I have created ever lasting friendships, I have found out my career for my life and most importantly I have discovered my true talent. My true talent is singing and dancing and also writing poetry. Premier Academy Of Ohio has shown me that I should be me and no one else but me and I respect and thank this school for that.
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The school building is owned by Saint Phillips Church, which is directly in front of the school. The school building itself was the old Sunday School school. The building is old and it needs some work but it is still good. The bathrooms are just revolting, they make me sick by how dirty they are. The floors are always dusty and they need to be sanitized and cleaned all the way instead of doing a half way job on cleaning it. The teachers are always there to help, sometimes, if there aren't other students who need there help first. Students are dropping and so that leads us students to be left out with less teachers. The more students there are the more money comes in and more teachers can be paid but since our school doesn't have that much students not as much money can come in and not many teachers can get paid.
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