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I believe this is a great school. It's quite small and doesn't have much but the teaching is great and they care very much about a students grade and performance. Overall I enjoy coming to this school.
Bullying does occur, it gets handled. No one has any issues of their safety. The only security we have are security cameras. Some times cops roam around. If something had occurred at school the police would come or the fire department, it depends on the situation. Safety services come to see if there is anything that is hazardous, but so far there has not been that we know of. We do not have a nurse, but whenever someone that does not feel too good they will send them home.
So far my experience of this school is okay. One of my favorite experience at my school was when I was a freshman, where everyone was outside, we had music playing, games, and even a cake eating contest. It was pretty fun.

I would have to say that the size of my school makes it unique. It only has two buildings, but they are very tiny it is not your common sized of a high school.

If I could do it all over again I do not know if I would choose to go back. One reason why I would not go back is because they do not have sports. I do like that the school is walking distance. Another reason why I would not choose the school is because it is a small and I want to meet more people.
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The teaching styles at my school are good, at times it can get confusing, but we try to pull through. They do know what they are teaching us; maybe once in a while the teachers seem as if they do not know exactly what they are trying to show us or they did a mistake and throws us all off to the point where we have to start our lesson over.

Teacher's are interested in the students when it comes to questions, participating in class, and when they notice that some students are not doing so great in class. The communication skill are great, no one feels like they do not feel like they do no matter on what they are trying to come across. There may be one point where a teacher is not letting a student say what is they are trying to come across.

The consistency of grades are excellent, when they set a date for the grades to come out it is always on time they are never late. The teachers are never late when putting our grades in.
We had no nurse at the school what so ever
We had to bring our own lunch and eat in a class.
The staff isn't too involved with the students.
We had no rooms to work out or anything at all.
The teachers aren't very interested in their students or the grades.
There weren't many clubs or elective classes at that school.
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