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Preble Shawnee Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I love how Preble Shawnee has all of the trophies ever won, all of the graduating classes on the wall, the dawlings through out the school. Preble Shawnee really is a great school, they have an amazing staff for their students. The only thing that really needs a change would be the actual building it self.
What I like about Preble Shawnee High School is how the teachers genuinely care about your education. They care about the environment in which they teach their students and they care about how their students are doing in and out of the classroom. What I would like to see changed in the near future is the school buildings and their conditions. The levy to get new schools was recently and unfortunately turned down by the community, despite the dire need for new schools. I hope that the community sees eye to eye with the school's inhabitants some day.
Our experience with this district has been awful. The administrators are a joke and do not take parent concerns seriously, this includes the Superintendent and the Principal at West Elkton Intermediate School. We had to un-enroll our A student, gifted son, who was never in trouble from the district in order to protect his future.
The Principal at West Elkton uses military style interrogation tactics against students and is not competent enough to handle escalated situations with parents. The Superintendent will do nothing to help parents when a serious concern is raised. He will 'investigate' which includes no communication with the parents or even the school staff involved. Our son's teacher was never informed that he had been un-enrolled from the school. She reached out to us once she heard conversation amongst her 10/11 year old students.
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Small school with a lot of stigma on things such as gender, sexual identities and race. There are cockroaches everywhere and no air conditioning.
The teachers for the most part are great, they make me enjoy subjects that I normally wouldn't want to hear about. Science and mathematics are the strongest subjects at the school and they are taught professionally. When you attend school at preble Shawnee you feel more college ready!
Sports are very fun. Everyone is encouraged to play. Lots of people go to the events, including other students.
My favorite experiences involved my friends. All of the people you meet here are so friendly and opening.
The teachers are the best! They get to truly know you and they can tell when you're struggling with something. They're very understanding. I absolutely love the school.
I am going to college so I would not like to go back to high school. But, I had a great time while I was there.
The teachers helped me get through school quite easily.they were very helpful and understanding throughout my high school career.
This school is great because its not big so your class sizes are all small and it is a really good learning environment. The only thing i disagree with is not having weighted classes and being unfair to the kids taking accelerated classes to those taking normal basic classes.
There aren't many non sports related opportunities. There are only 2 that I know of, Drama and Color guard/band.
If you are one of the chosen favorites ie; football player, son/daughter of employee or retired employee then you get preferential treatment. If not forget it.
They would like to say that they are following state and federal rules for safety but just about anyone can come in. As a visitor you have to call the office from an intercom but anyone walking by can open the door from the inside.
Some of our administrators are more likely to look the other way when it comes to football players. Our bus drivers insist on having students lead prayers when they get into trouble. Our counselors have a habit of telling students that their parents are lying to them.
Our local school is very difficult to fit into unless you the parent or family grew up in that area. They do not like outsiders and they do not like change. If by some chance that you have a disability and weren't born in our district or your family wasn't born or grew up in our district they are less likely to help. They play favorites with individuals. They are blatantly rude to students. If I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have moved into this district.
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