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The advanced teachers were great but most of the students and other teachers were not adequate. Learning needs to take precedent at this school, not Midwestern politics. Sports were average or below average.
Preble High School is one of the largest high schools in Wisconsin, however being large and popular does not mean everyone likes the school. The school offers great academics, college readiness, and resources. It also offers great diversity, but with diversity comes with the staff having to be wary of the student's safety and culture. There was a time during the presidential election where our school underwent a chaotic episode. We had females being groped and mistreated. Although this was a terrible event taking place in our small town, we managed to have a large school meeting to have the bullies stand up and apologize for causing the damage in our school. Throughout my 4 years in Preble, I don't have a problem with it and i'm thankful that there are kind and loving adults that care for the students as their own children.
Preble truly was a sewer. There were a lot of great teachers who were very good at their job and spurring interest in the subjects they taught, but Preble has continued to decline over time to the point where it is essentially East #2 now.
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Countless activities to be apart of and there is something for everyone at this school. The large school provides a large number of students per class and is very diverse with student backgrounds.
Preble is a very large and diverse high school, that is dealing with a large influx of new students that contribute to a growing overcrowding issue. The school takes particular pride in its athletic program, which is quite impressive. This program focuses on building healthier students as well as promoting teamwork and leadership. While athletics teach the importance of maintaining one's health, many funds are diverted from academics in order to maintain Preble's prestigious athletic reputation. I believe that in high school, grades should be seen as the main priority, rather than sports as the sole focus. Currently, student athletes are allowed to have two failing grades (an F) before being barred from practice and competing against other schools with their team. Rather than creating a punishment for poor academic performance, Preble should stress that athletics are an optional extra curricular that should not supersede academics as a priority.
There is honestly so much to love about Preble High School. For example, there is a wide variety of sports and clubs, which means that everyone will be able to find something to get involved in. For me, I am involved in the Girl's Tennis Team, STINGCANCER, and National Honor Society. These activities are my favorite part of high school.

Also, the teachers are very kind and caring. They are willing to go out of their way to help you whenever you need it, and they are always encouraging their students to try their best. Honestly, they want nothing more than to see their students succeed.

Another thing that I love is all of the friends that you make over the years. Being a big school, there is always someone that will understand you and relate to you in some way, shape, or form. I have made so many friends in my classes, clubs, and on the tennis team, and I would not have met any of them if it weren't for this amazing high school.
I liked the organizations and the openness from it. Everyone in the organizations are friendly and doesn't discriminate. Not only that, I feel a sense of belonging there. Something I would like to see change is for there to be more respect within the community. In my junior and senior year, I've seen a couple of discrimination and heard about a few. Not only that, being part of some large organizations that involved leadership, the students were gathered to one place one day to talk about the discrimination and racist comment happening within the school. I've also seen students not respecting one another or not respecting teachers. Beside that, I want to see more school spirit. Starting from my freshman year, the school's spirit was pretty good, but eventually, I started to see that disappeared. It's sad to see students not show their support for one another or just for the school.
It's a beautiful school with friendly staffs. Education is alright, but needs work on cooperation with students.
Most of the teachers are amazing at what they do! Have learned a lot being at Preble High School. Some concerns for safety issues regarding students.
Preble High School is a wonderful place in which to learn and grow as a student and, in many cases, a musician. The music program is one of the best in the entire district, and many musicians are able to learn and grow as musicians. The music program is headed by a wonderful faculty, and they always provide amazing musical opportunities for their students, whether it be in-state or out of the country. Along with the music program, the academic faculty is superb in their teaching and curriculum. There are many resources for struggling students, including the math lab, science lab, and foreign language lab. Teachers are always willing to meet outside of class for extra help. The food in the cafeteria is excellent, also. The lunch ladies all seem to enjoy their job, and always converse with students while they receive their food. The cafeteria is an inviting place. I appreciate all that Preble has done for me in my four years here.
Preble high school is a very diverse school. Faculty is extremely supportive and typically willing to help student accomplish their goals, or succeed in classrooms.
Preble High School was a very large school. A main issue I had with it was the overcrowding which led to lack of individualism with teacher-student interactions. There should become more of a focus on how to create a more inviting way to get all students to participate in class without feeling inferior to other students.
Preble High School provides math lab & science lab which are classrooms that student can go on their study hall or lunch time. These classes include teachers who are willing to tutor students or get extra help on class material.
I like that Preble is so diverse but the atmosphere and development of the school could change because since it is a large school, sometimes students feel out of the loop or like they are just a number.
I don't think I liked anything about it because it's high school. No one likes going to schools, especially high school.
I liked the numerous courses they offer for students. In addition, the diversity of the school creates an environment that makes everyone feel comfortable. The only thing to change would be an addition of health courses.
I really enjoyed my time at Preble. I made a lot of friends that I keep in contact with and I was involved in a lot of different activities. Band was one of the highlights of my high school career. The classes I took somewhat prepared me for college and I felt challenged in my advanced and AP classes. I never had any issues with other students in school or in any clubs/activities. I heard about issues between other students, but I was never affected by it. Overall it was a great experience for me and I have made so many memories because of it.
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There are many ways to get involved. There is a club for about almost anything and there are many sports. The teachers and administration are very nice and helpful too.
The school has done a great job to prepare me for the rest of my life. It has thought me many necessary skills like treating all types of people nicely and how to become a successful athlete and a student. Although there have been some issues with administration and how they handle different issues. Overall I have enjoyed my time at Preble and feel prepared to become a very successful person.
From the first day you are welcomed and feel like you have so many opportunities to attempt. There are so many choices when it comes to extra curricular activities and clubs. The FFA club has made me feel so welcome. The Band is amazing and you are given opportunities to travel and perform. It is an open campus so you may leave for lunch and return for classes. The student counselors are wonderful. The food is not the greatest but it serves its purpose.
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