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I am an upcoming graduate at Prattville High School. I feel as though overall, PHS is a great school to attend. Although I complained about many things over the years, I was just being a typical high school student. PHS has amazing teachers and academics that can really prepare you for the future if you apply yourself.
My experience at Prattville has been amazing. I have learned things about myself and how I can apply what I know into something I love to do and make that into a job. They have taught me responsibility, consideration and respectfulness. I could not have asked for a better school.
Something I would like to see change would be to have more class selections and have teachers that actually teach. Safety is also a concern and new procedures need to be in place to protect students.
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Prattville High School is a diverse school. There is a wide range of classes offered. AP classes are offered for those on the college path. Tech school has numerous classes for those seeking a skill or career after school. The school is a safe environment.
In the upper level courses, there are great teachers who are willing to help you in any capacity. There is a great variety of classes, as well as many extra-curricular activities to help you find the best place. The only downside to Prattville High School is the lack of usable technology and up-to-date textbooks.
I appreciated the fact that the teachers are willing to assist students with their academics. Other adults would always check on students in the halls and at lunch. It was nothing for me to be asked if everything was ok, or am I "good". I did feel that administration could have lightened up a little.
Prattville Highschool is a great family environment filled with school spirit, great administrators, and an overall passion towards learning. Extremely wide range of sports and clubs to get everyone involved.
I had a average experience.Prattville has a huge high school, so i wasn't used to a big school. But the techers teach you a whole lot of new material, that you can use in the near future.
My experience at Prattville High was pretty decent. Overall the school have some great academic programs and the teachers are good at doing their job. I would see PHS change some things around like disciplinary actions and the dress code. Yes I know that people are going to do what they want, but sometimes you have to do more than just send them to ISS or Alternative School.
I was Senior Class President my senior year at Prattville, and I loved this school so much. Everyone I knew always tried to make our school the best place it could be, and I would like to think we did our job.
It's an okay school. Some of the teachers that have taught me are actually terrible. The food is awful, I eventually decided that bringing food from home was a better option.
I went to Prattville High school all the way up to the middle of my eleventh grade year, that's when I transferred to Chapman Christian Academy in Millbrook/Coosada area. My years at Prattville High School are ones I try to forget, I was constantly at the Principal's office trying to get help with some bullying issues and it was like nobody cared. The school is so big it's hard to pay attention to kids individual needs, you basically have to beg to be able to get any kind of help so that's why I rated Prattville High School poor.
Prattville High School has a wonderful set of AP courses with teachers that care deeply about the success of the students. There are some counselors and staff that care very deeply about the future of their students. However, the honors teachers, general teachers, and most of the administration do not seem to like students let alone teachers. Most teachers only last one year because so many students, parents, and other teachers complain about the person's standing in the school. Students seem to have many problems with discipline and many receive ISS or alternative school. Many students do not receive the support that they deserve because some teachers repeatedly tell students that they are dumb or heavily imply it in front of the class which is most likely a cause of the repeated disciplinary troubles.
Prattville High School is an okay school. They say they are against bullying, want our school to be better . Well, nothing is ever solved when spoken about bullying, dress codes get more stricter every year, the food is not edible, and people are favorited by teachers . If you are not favorited you will fail their class or get a grade that will bring down your gpa tremendously. The school system also does not allow phones at all during school hours even during breaks or lunch due to all the threats,fights,etc at the school since people kept recording what’s going on. Prattville High is not a recommended school for your children to go to unless they want to be in the performance arts, since that is the only good thing about this school.
Prattville High School is an average school that people should attend. It has a safe enviornment and i liked how it was diverse. The administration is good about checking on there students and making sure everything is ok. They have many clubs that you can join and have an oppuotunity to make new friends.
My experience at Prattville High School is at most times, enjoyable. The pep rally’s, football games, and other school functions really help make a child to stay involved with all the different programs offered at PHS. I am involved with the volleyball team, basketball team, and SGA. With our student body of 2,000 and ranked a 7A school, it is easy to fit in somewhere.
I am a current senior preparing to graduate from PHS. I love this school. I was apart of the honors academic program, and they help me become the best me I could be. I can not thank them enough for preparing me to succeed, and teaching me what all I needed to know for my next step. For example, for the next four years I will be on track of recieveing my bachelors degree in exercise science. Throughout my time at PHS I was apart of the PHS Sports Medicine team. This allowed me the opportunity to gain appreciation for the study of the human body, and helped me decide exactly what it was I wanted to do in my life. Without this experience, and effort from the school I would still be guessing on what it is I would want to do, thanks to their help I offically know what it is I want to do. I am forever thankful, and appreciative of everything Prattville High School has given me.
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I moved to Prattville, and for starting my senior year at a new school they slowly began to accept me into the school and were extremely nice. Although, for being a major military kid receiver, I think they need to work on keeping classes open for incoming military students as my selection was limited because I arrived in early July.
I love the way the teacher's gives lesson on some occasion. It is a great environment. They get you ready for college and the future. Especially adult hood. They also have plenty of clubs and organizations you could join.They are very interesting. The food is average. They talk to us about scholarships alot. Sometimes I would take the practice SAT, just to see where I was at. Its so fun .
As a alumni of Prattville High School, I have not only found many ways to become a better member of my society but also to become a leader. I had opportunities to move forward with my education, help others in need and become the role model figure I had always looked up to. Prattville High school made me look at diversity and my future as another outlook on my future. I am grateful for the exierences and opportunities given.
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