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PCA provides a strong foundation for college but some of the teachers don’t always care about your future. Their dual enrollment involvement is really good and I have been able to get some college credit while in high school
I have attended PCA for going on 12 years. I have enjoyed my experience thus far, being very involved in the student life here. I believe we have some of the best teachers in the state as far as character is concerned. They truly care about you and your well being.
Prattville Christian Academy is a great school that teaches students for life and college readiness.
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I love PCA(go panthers!!!!!!!) They give you a great learning experience and the teachers are amazing! You have chapel every Tuesday and Friday and you learn so much about God. They amazing Christians and are great to new students.
prattville christian is an amazing school, with lots of diversity and things to do. the only thing that doesn't make it 5 stars is that is so small.
I have enjoyed the small school environment PCA has to offer. It has given me an opportunity to participate and lead in a variety of clubs and sports teams. The teachers are very willing to help the students and are available every morning to assist students with their classwork. My only complaint is with the administration's focus. They have, in recent years, tended to focus more on money and bringing in new students then they have on the students who are currently enrolled. This has left some students feeling ignored and unheard. Other than that, this has been a great place to go to school.
Prattville Christian Academy is a school where they are all about you. They go out of their way any way possible to see you succeed. They will always give you ways to see you improve yourself better as a person. The faculty and staff are always so kind and wanting to talk. The students are so helpful and always are there to help. What I would like to see more of is the involvement of students coming to the sports events and showing school spirit for our fellow classmates and friends.
Overall Prattville Christian Academy has been a great school. The teachers and administration really do care about their students. They want the best for each of us. The school has grown tremendously over the last several years. They have added on state of the art classrooms and continue to grow.
I love PCA! Everyone is so nice and helpful. You can tell that the character is Christian because of how they act. A great environment to be in every day.
We left PCA this year due to bullying that the administration wants to hear nothing about. This school is more concerned with their image than real issues. The price goes up every year and it just isn't worth the money. Being military, we have been in several different schools and PCA has by far been the worst when it comes to drama, mean kids and politics. My kids had a few really good teachers but for the most part they weren't challenged very much.
As an senior exchange student of Prattville Christian Academy, I have learned a lot about American culture and had opportunities to share Vietnamese culture to the school. It was a new and exciting experience for me and also for PCA since it was my first time studying in the US and PCA does not have many chances to have international student. Everyone in PCA is extremely friendly. They are willing to help and share no matter who they are with or where they are. Everyone will help you with all they have. The teachers are very informative. As long as you behave well and work hard, they will always be there to help you so feel free to ask them any time. What impressed me the most is the spirit of the students as well as teachers in PCA. They are so spirited especially when there are events and sport games. With them, you will feel the positive influence and be able to cheer up no matter what happened.
We love PCA the teachers and administrators helped us make a smooth transition from a local public school and have been wonderful to my son. Great Christian environment conducive for learning and growing spiritually.
Great Christian Environment with outstanding technology integration. Just a little pricey. The teachers are personable and are hands-on when it comes to making sure you understand. They offer AP courses as well as dual-enrollment through Faulkner University. They have a great engineering program as well. Students are supplied with Macbooks and Chromebooks depending on their classes requirements. If you have the money I would highly recommend this school because of the environment, hands-on teachers , and great education.
I am a student at PCA and have been for about 4 years and will not be coming back. Every year the tuition goes up and the education is no different from those at public school. The bullying is very bad and the students think they own everyone. The athletics are not great and some of the coaches are very rude to their players, especially new ones. The only time God is mentioned in this school is when they mention him on the announcements or in bible class.
The class sizes are relatively small for the number of students in each grade. There are a variety of sports and activities for students to get involved in.
The only thing that I would like to see change is to have a few textbooks on hand for students to use as a reference.
I've attended since Kindergarten. While it was ok, I don't necessarily think my parents got the best value for their money. Most classes weren't very challenging to me and I think they were overly strict in some areas.
We left PCA due to the student population going up too rapidly. Greater pupil to teacher ratios. I did not feel like the expanding population is treated fairly for both the teachers and students. A safe environment, but at what cost? We transferred to a smaller and a lot less expensive school. Once my children were in place, magically the grades came back to normal. When I asked the "authority" at PCA about the student/teacher ratios, he quickly diverted the subject. He is a good politician. Every year the PCA tuition goes up without significant teacher raises. There are a lot of good teachers there, but unfortunately, you simply can't get the best teachers because of the pay issues at PCA . The ones I have spoken told me off the record, pay is an issue. I would shop around before landing at PCA. Just like anywhere, there are alcohol issues with some kids and drugs. You have to be aware.
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PCA created a semi-challenging environment, but I didn't feel very prepared for college. The material itself was not difficult but the style of teaching and testing is nothing like college. The administration and staff were all very friendly and helpful.
I liked how PCA was so advanced in technology but my only problem with that is when you are at home they still have light speed up so you still could not use the websites that you needed to use for a project. Also I feel as if PCA was not all for teaching sometimes. Both my parents and I do not believe I was prepared for college
Great small town school with some awesome teachers! The Engineering Academy is great! I feel very safe at school but I don't feel like I am in jail on lock down all the time. We have a large outdoor class room too.
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