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Pratt Senior High School Reviews

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Great, small town high school. The teachers care about the students and school safety is important to them.
I really like the teachers that the school has. Most of them, anyway. There's one or two who most kids here don't enjoy because of teaching ability. The facility is very clean. The forensics team is one of the best in the state, as is softball. The administration at Pratt is very caring and I couldn't have asked for more.
I enjoyed my 3.5 years at Pratt High School. Graduating a semester early was one of the most rewarding things, but I was very sad to be leaving the halls that I walked everyday and the teachers that I enjoyed.
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I am currently enrolled at Pratt Senior High, and I like it. I have learned a lot of life lessons and made amazing friends here at Pratt High. it's a very fun and amazing school and I recommend it to anyone!
Altogether, I've had a pretty good experience at Pratt High. The teachers are great, and the falcilaties are nice and clean. But the food could use a little help.
Pratt Kansas is a great small town to raise a family in. Everybody knows your name which can be good and bad, but that's besides the point. Pratt High school is a fantastic school where anyone can go to and prepare for their future. The teachers and staff want the student to succeed, and each student will as long as they put in the effort. Sometimes the administration is lacking when it comes to letting the student body as a whole have a good time. I know from personal experience being a recent graduate. However, they are just looking out for the student and making sure there is a positive learning environment.
The clubs could do better with communication.
The school has great faculty, but there could be more work done regarding discipline.
The teachers are AMAZING! They truly care about the students and their understanding of the material.
They have many school both athletic and non athletic activities for the students to be involved in.
A lot of the teachers/coaches will play favorites.
It was almost always the same thing each week. Hamburger or pizza with a salad bar.
The sports programs are heavily funded at my school. We have good teams and even better facilities to work out and practice in.
Some of the clubs have trouble getting word out about meetings, so not many students end up showing up. Communication could be way better.
The food is nutritionally balanced, and most of the time it's good.
The teachers sometimes get irritated if you don't learn the material the way they specifically taught it and will refuse to answer questions about it. Most of the time, they can be helpful though.
The dress code bothers a lot of kids and parents sometimes because they don't think it's fair to not be allowed to wear tank tops
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This school is very safe and has a calm feeling to it, however, I don't feel like the classes push you as hard as they should to be ready for college. That being said, I do like my school because there are a lot of activities to choose from and be involved in. It's very easy to be actively involved in my school.
Our school is all about sports. Students love to engage. We also offer P/E, weight training, and sports classes.
Most of the teachers are amazing. They are all ready to help the students when they need to.
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