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I like the staff very much; however, academics are below average. Children are not prepared well for college. Regret my choice of sending my child here.
The cost of attendance at Praise Academy is very affordable for an ACSI and SACS accredited school, which is why we choose it.
The reason we STAYED there is due to the loving and caring faculty/staff/administration that live out the love of God on a daily basis... they are quite an awesome group!
We continue to be excited about the school, and eagerly anticipate the programs that are added every year as they continue to raise the bar.
This school is an amazing Christ centered school. The administration and teachers are amazing and loves the students. I look forward to many more years at Praise.
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Praise Academy, nestled in a residential area in Powder Springs, GA, is one of the best kept secrets in Cobb County! We aren't located on the main hwy so we don't get 50,000 cars a day passing by but once you find us you're guaranteed to love us! Small class sizes, dedicated teachers and administration, and a family atmosphere. I've been a part of Praise for 3 years and have loved the experience from day one.
Praise Academy overall is a great school to attend. It is a great place for students to go to gain needed knowledge and excel after high school. The only thing that I can really complain about is the need for new teachers. Although they are overall helpful to the students it would not hurt for them to be more patient with the students and have more hands on examples during lessons.
This school has serious problems that start from the top. The school lacks a rigorous program. Many have graduated that are not adequately prepared to function in college or in the workforce. The focus at this school is on athletics. The administration and staff do not focus on working with the individual gifts given to students, but tearing down students to conform to their idea of a Christian life. The administration has been unethical in the handling of transcripts, student privacy and parent complaints concerning bullying from students as well as teachers.

Students are provided with a counselor to help them when problems arise. There is also not a college counselor which puts students at a disadvantage when trying to enter into college.
4yrs at the school has slowly uncovered the reality. Underqualified teachers with high taecher/student ratio. They do not take extra time with children that may need it. Instead they ask you to take your child to outside tutoribg after school hours. Principal is fake, dishonest, money hungry, and gossips. In my case i have always considered this school the lesser of 2 evils. Public school in my area is deplorable. However i am no longer thinking that is the case.
I am ever thankful that God brought me here. My children receive a great academic education, but the spiritual lessons that they learn on a daily basis are immeasurable in terms of value. I cherish their teachers and trust their ability to listen to the Holy Spirit. They teach my children with love and spirituality, and professionalism.
Praise Academy, while a safe and happy environment, has subpar academics and zero preparation for higher education.
I've been at Praise for two years and love, love, love it! There's just something about the school that is special. One of the differences is we put Christ First in everything we do. Student self-worth is second and Academics is third. If Christ is truly first then all else falls right in to place.
There is no busing, tutoring is done by the teacher of the class.
They have a standard dress code and because they are a Christian school, they live what the Bible says a person should.
Its a small school but they have all the major sports.
They take health and safety seriously.
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