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Prairiland High School Reviews

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Prairiland is an overall good school to go to. Prairiland has great sports and education to get you ready for your future and college. There are a few minimal things they could work on changing alike any other school. Some teachers need to be reviewed and switched out dew to their attitudes, willingness to help students and respect towards other people. The staff and higher staff could also work better at how they handle situations of bulling and such. The food that the school provides has went down in the past years and does not have the best quality it could be.
I like everything about prairiland high school. The teachers are excellent, there are many very different students, there are several clubs offered to the students, and the sports games are always entertaining. Prairiland offers football, basketball, volleyball, softball, track, golf, tennis, and powerlifting. This gives athletetes plenty of options. They also have many academic clubs such as Beta. Beta is basically for honors students with good grades and good behavior.
Small and everyone gets along with each other. You are not limited to one sport and can play several sports. There are a lot of clubs to participate in. Our Beta Club usually makes it to Nationals in several events and we have had two state presidents in a row.
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Prairiland High School is a great school, it’s not too big or too small. The teachers do a great job on doing their job and they help with whatever is needed. We have outstanding coaches who push us to do our best. Overall, Prairiland is a great school to go to.
My experience at PHS has been outstanding. It is a small 3A school, so everybody knows everybody. When people picture a down-to-earth country kind of school, this is what we are. We support the football team under those Friday night lights and we support every other sport during their seasons. Everyone is involved in every club, and most people play every sport. Everyone gets along, and the faculty is so supportive of the students. They truly want the best for the students and they are preparing us for our future. Nothing about Prairiland should be changed. Life at Prairiland is simple, but the morals and lessons that I have gained from being a part of Prairiland has impacted my life and forever will.
Great school, has a lot of spirits and a very good staff. The whole school is very close and the classes are taught by amazing teachers.
It is a very small school but everyone works well together. Staff is great and the teachers are always willing to give a little extra help if needed.
Prairiland High School is a great school in a small town full of teachers that really care about the student succeeding. Being that there is a smaller student body, the child truly gets the help of teachers. Also, each child has a better chance of getting to be a part of the athletic program. Prairiland is a great school and in my opinion is the best school in Lamar County!
My experience with Prairiland High school is a very good one. Once I moved to Prairiland, I learned better, made better friends, joined the band program and my whole life changed with Prairiland. My grades accelerated, I became a better person, I became more involved in my school, because of my teachers and friends. This school is the best school I have ever been to, and I have been a quite a few.
A great group of teachers and support staff. The Coach during his high school years was the best and had a really positive influence on him. Coach really shows genuine interest and support for all the kids involved in sports.
We don't have much to choose from.
We only have two or three blacks in our school. Most everyone gets along with them because they are very out-going. We may have some gay kids in the school but if so, no one knows about it.
Our school doesn't have a policeman on duty.
I have some loyal friends that I hope will be friends for life. Their are some teachers and coaches that do care. I will miss going to school at Prairiland.
Most of the food is warmed up and they don't have to cook anything.
We have a dress code they enforce and no fighting or the students involved have to go to daep.
Sports is one of the main focuses of our school.
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Some teachers really care about the students but some are only drawing a pay check.
The only club that I enjoy is the Beta club. We have an awesome sponsor.
I took all advanced courses and I barely passed my entrance exam for college.
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