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Prairie Vista Middle School Reviews

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Had a couple of problems
everyone is nice to each other, no one is ever left out or bullied
you get the classes you need
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honors teachers are amazing, general student teachers could care less
school isnt really on top of meetings, etc.
school spirit is amazing, everyone goes to the games and supports the panthers! our school teams are okay, you have to keep your grades up, etc.
school is extremely clean and diverse- something they pride themselves on. school offers tutoring to anyone, parents canbe involved in things like field trips, or helping clean the school etc. school counselor is amazing, makes you feel genuinely cared for, and shes great with helping you on colleges, high school questions etc.
as far as physical health like having to visit the nurse its horrible. she doesnt care about you she'll just tell you to lay down and go back to class. being safe is amazing, it's earth quake protected, intruderers dont have easy access to students and our security is good. bullying is never unpunished its a serious problem, and if you dont feel safe around the school security offer to walk you all the way home.
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