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What I’ve noticed about my school is that they don’t want to deal with problems. So they push everything off and what once was something small is now a huge problem. As a result of their ignorance we had English teacher who openly harassed girls finally after a victims parents alerted the police he got charged for his actions. Later found out that administration was covering up. When students reported him for doing such actions, our administration told us we were “children”, we didn’t “understand”, or we were lying. And that’s just one case
I love Prairie View High School! I believe that they have one of the best staffs in Kansas. They had a recent rough year, but they made a great comeback! The amount of college readiness has definitely improved. Although, I think it could still be improved in some classes. The safety and loving environment shows how much our teachers really care about us as students!
I attended Prairie View Unified School district from grades 5 - 10, and then finished my last 2 years of High School online. Prairie View was a decent school, but since the epidemic is so small for this school and surrounding areas, drama and chaos through the hallways was a daily struggle. A percentage of the teachers actually cared about the information that they taught us, while the others, couldn't care less. The administration was friendly but with some tender, loving care, the school would be able to improve tremendously.
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This school is like that out of a drama. In the past year one of our English teachers has been arrested for sexual misconduct with students, our principal and superintendent were arrested also for knowing about it and not reporting it, and the school environment over all is so negative that even one of our own committed suicide. This school is a horror show.
My time as a Buffalo here at Prairie View has been wonderful. There seems to always be an activity going on whether its "Death" ball in the art room, Student Council Special Days, Chili Feeds, Blood Drives, and more. The teachers are helpful and quite helpful. If you're having a bad day and talk about it, they're really understanding and willing to help you get through it. Along with the activities and teachers, the student atmosphere is great as well. If you need a tire changed, the Ag kids are right there. If there's a special event and you need help creating something, the Art kids are happy to help. It's a really fun school, but we still take our academics seriously. We have wake up Wednesdays where if you are missing work and have bad grades, then you report to school on the normal time, but if you have good grades and no missing assignments, then you don't have to report to school till an hour later than normal. It motivates students to get their work turned in and on time.
Sanity is the worst class, it doesn't have a teacher. Some science classes are okay but in one of them all you do is watch movies. English is an okay subject, one English teacher is the best teacher who really cares about all of her students
I'm involved with just about every club, and I love them all. Most of them, you don't have to be super enfolded in unless your an officer. We have a considerable amount of clubs for how small our school is.
One of my favorite experiences, is when some of the band member before football games will go into the percussion closet and just talk and calm down before the game, it's great and I can't wait for marching band season to start back up.
We have a few teachers that are absolutely amazing and would do anything to help you get a better grade. But other teachers, they make you feel like they are only a teacher so they can coach sports teams,
I am emotionally attached to this school. We have each other's backs. Everyone sticks up for each other and don't leave anyone out.
School has been great I've made lots of memories that will stay with me my whole life along with a lot of friends! I am excited to start this new chapter in my life and go on to college to pursue my dreams!
It is a decent school some teachers aren't as well off teaching certain workshops as others
They do a great job most of the time some codes are unnecessary.
The teachers depending on subject are decent enough.
If you're smart you're good
We're in a field in the middle of no where.
Not a lot of involvement
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I went to a small high school that didn't necessarily prepare me for the real world. I feel like I have learned a lot in college that has helped me become the adult I am today. I'm not quite sure I live in the real "real world" yet as I am still attending school. My life is great though and I hope to just take what life throw at me and make the best of it
The school has its ups and downs like every other school.
The administration works hard to keep us safe and well educated.
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