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Prairie view high school was a school that wanted you to succeed but falls short of being personally involved in that goal. But the teachers were fun and had some great people to get to know their.
Prairie View is overall a very good school for all types of students. There are tons of class options for every pupil and a large variety as well. There are also 10 clubs/groups for all and over 15 sport opportunities. The teachers enjoy teaching and are very flexible with students. The building is fairly new and has a pleasing look throughout. There are nice football, baseball and soccer fields. I would very much recommend this school to anyone.
It is a good school very secure and all teachers want us to succeed. They keep everyone safe and they always to watching out for the students and what they are doing
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Most of the teachers are very nice and it's a nice environment, but a lot of the students seem to not be concerned with education.
Prairie view has been a generally helpful environment. It offers college classes that allow me to jumpstart my career, with friendly staff and students, and we focus on our core H. A. W. K. values (honesty, accountability, welcoming, and knowledgeable)
I personally loved all my teacher. We were able to connect on a personal level allowing our growth as a student and teacher to accelerate greatly. This allowed me to have a high grade point average and at the same time being able to connect and feel welcome.
It’s a very sophisticated school in its own way. It’s very redneck most days and other days it’s a basic white school. For me it’s something new each and every day it feels like because I’m a sore thumb because I am not a Caucasian. The staff can be decent if they aren’t fornicating with the students.
Prarvie w teacher do not teach they need to have better well informed teacher with more knowledge in the subjects they teach they need to must have good sports always has skill for knowledges and stuff just trying to get more words so that I can get this thing for my teacher in this one hundred words yet
It’s a good school you learn a lot the teachers interact every day with you you always go out of the school learning something the sports are fantastic you will have a lot of school spirit and have a great community and this school is amazing
Great school I’d recommend going there bunch of fun stuff teacher get involved it isn’t very hard but some challenging everyone is happy and we got new teachers but everyone in the school loves it here and wouldn’t change a thing in the school
Prairie View High School has very many good teachers. I haven't had a teacher that I didn't like. The counselors are great too. They are always willing to help, and make sure that you are doing everything you need to do in order to graduate. The staff is amazing as well, they also try very hard to make sure things are getting done. The students all love each other and everyone has a great time. During assemblies the classes as a whole come together and you can just see the school pride in everyone. This school is amazing and no one every feels left out.
I liked that the school always had good intentions with their innovative spirit and constant need to improve the school's overall ambiance. However, in spite of having good intentions, the school would normally fail at fulfilling their promises and avoid substantial issues.
The school has very good teachers and administration, however the rules that are being put in place are excessive and unnecessary.
I used to go to Tuskegee University, compared this school helps you with scholarships, they have way better facilities, and overall i feel this university helps your better to prepare for life beyond college. The only downside to this school is they do not have enough housing for the amount of students they admit.
I loved going here, I gained a lot of friends and a lot of cool and fun experiences. Though the students that went there aren’t the best, lots of fights and violence
This school will limit you if you want to pursue higher education whilst in high school, and many teachers have grown tired of students. The math department often is lacking in teachers and supplies, unable to loan calculators to students. The English department is fried, and the science department is always running low on funds. Some teachers do indeed care deeply, others could care less.
I like how Prairie View has the core values set in place. It is an easy way to follow them and set them as expectations. Something I would fix about PV is the college readiness. I have not heard of scholarships via my school. It is also very hard to know when the concurrent enrollment is taking place, how to sign up, who is qualifies to sign up, etc.
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I've been going to PV for three years and this will be my last year here. The AP programs are really great, you get to learn new things everyday. There is a lack of school spirit and tradition. Overall, if you are focused on academics, sports, and clubs PV is just a blast!
It's okay not the worst school to go to but not the best there are definitely good teachers and ones that aren't so good. The food is okay but it is just cafeteria food.
The school in its entirety is great, but like anything else, it has its short comings. The teachers do everything they can to push their students in the direction of greatness, but the only thing holding them back is the lack of funding. Another issue is the lack of guidance from counselors in respect to scholarships, they provide little to no help unless directly questioned. Apart from those two issues, PVHS is an amazing school.
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