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Prairie View High School Reviews

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The school has very good teachers and administration, however the rules that are being put in place are excessive and unnecessary.
I used to go to Tuskegee University, compared this school helps you with scholarships, they have way better facilities, and overall i feel this university helps your better to prepare for life beyond college. The only downside to this school is they do not have enough housing for the amount of students they admit.
I loved going here, I gained a lot of friends and a lot of cool and fun experiences. Though the students that went there aren’t the best, lots of fights and violence
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This school will limit you if you want to pursue higher education whilst in high school, and many teachers have grown tired of students. The math department often is lacking in teachers and supplies, unable to loan calculators to students. The English department is fried, and the science department is always running low on funds. Some teachers do indeed care deeply, others could care less.
I like how Prairie View has the core values set in place. It is an easy way to follow them and set them as expectations. Something I would fix about PV is the college readiness. I have not heard of scholarships via my school. It is also very hard to know when the concurrent enrollment is taking place, how to sign up, who is qualifies to sign up, etc.
I've been going to PV for three years and this will be my last year here. The AP programs are really great, you get to learn new things everyday. There is a lack of school spirit and tradition. Overall, if you are focused on academics, sports, and clubs PV is just a blast!
It's okay not the worst school to go to but not the best there are definitely good teachers and ones that aren't so good. The food is okay but it is just cafeteria food.
The school in its entirety is great, but like anything else, it has its short comings. The teachers do everything they can to push their students in the direction of greatness, but the only thing holding them back is the lack of funding. Another issue is the lack of guidance from counselors in respect to scholarships, they provide little to no help unless directly questioned. Apart from those two issues, PVHS is an amazing school.
Prairie View can be a wonderful school if you find the right people. The halls are crowded, many of the teachers are less experienced, and you can almost be certain that a fight will break out pretty much before any holiday break, but if you find the right people to hang out with and stay away from the bad kids you’ll find a tight-knit community and a classic high school experience.
I loved Prairie View High School. This school gave me many amazing opportunities. I was able to grow as leader and person there. I was able to get college credit and have many resources to prepare me for life after high school.
Prairie View was extremely laid back. I did not have many rules or high expectations. This was super cool when I was a freshman and sophomore, but as I got into our junior and senior years, I started to notice how that negatively effected my fellow classmates. People were failing and dropping out because they were drowning in a poor GPA. To me, Prairie View was easy. I was able to maintain an average GPA of 3.7 all four years. Playing basketball and soccer for Prairie View also forced me to maintain excellent grades because I wanted to be a starter and captain. The soccer program at Prairie View is the best athletic program. I have now been captain two years (junior and senior year) and have helped led my team to an undefeated season in 2017, and so far a 10-1-1 2018 season. Soccer is my passion and was my favorite part of high school, and is a main reason that I am playing soccer in college.
I liked all the opportunities that my school offered from extra circulars to AP and college classes. I didn't like how crowded the halls were do to overcrowding abut that's not there faults.
Prairie View was overall an average school. Can work on trying to prepare their students for college better.
I liked the student teacher realationships, i really feel like they all care about your well being and what is best for you. i also like the enviorment of the school, if i could i would change the overcrowding.
I would like to see better behaved students and teachers willing to better help them and apply their knowledge to their subject(s) effectively.
I chose Prairie View over a few other schools in the area. I always found much success with the classes and I always had teachers and coaches that really cared for me and wanted to see me do well. It has become very overcrowded, but I strongly believe the staff is making an effort to handle the situation.
Talking to students from other schools, they said they saw fights daily, sometimes multiple. While prairie view has fights, there’s not many and I personally don’t see them. The teachers and other staff have positive relationships with the students. They actually care. I feel comfortable in the learning environment and I feel like it is a safe school to be attending. I would like to see some changes in the curriculum of some particular electives. Some of them don’t actually teach much.
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Prarie View High School is a nice school in general. There are many opportunities for students to take advanced classes such as Honor, AP, and College courses. The vast majority of the teachers whom I have had are very flexible in helping students manage their workloads, which was very beneficial for students like myself who take many advanced classes. However, the student climate is rather concerning as there is little to no school spirit and there seem to be behavioral issues with the underclassmen as of right now. Otherwise, the school has vending machines, free parking, breakfast, open weight-rooms and more.
Prairie View was not the lovable school, it was more like a last choice school. Low quality food, random teachers(either low authority, tempered, or just teachers who don’t make sense), and events. Their events were by the lowest standard. The school was just a place to turn in work, they don’t put any effort in anything. But they make a crap ton of money off of their expensive low quality food, expensive snacks, and expensive vending machines. All of their events are very expensive and they aren’t even good. This school shouldn’t price everything so expensive, after all it is one of the highest funded schools in Colorado. Only go here if you don’t want a full high school life experience.
Being a high school senior, I can say that I have enjoyed my years of high school. Despite the stress and drama that may have come about between all of my peers, my general high school experience is what you would expect it to be. There was a lot of unnecessary events but in the end, the actual high school experience is what matters. There is always football games, homecomings, prom, assembly's, and a lot of activities that try to bring students and the community together.
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