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I attended this school from 1999 to 2005. I made incredible memories and friends during my time there. The school was very safe and the faculty at the time was big on making the school environment as much as family-oriented as possible.
My experience at Prairie View Academy was overall very good my during my high school years. I attended Prairie View Academy only during my high school years and this school was above all the very best. During my time there I came across many wonderful teachers that was always willing to help in any possible way they could, even if it meant staying after school hours. The people overall there was always easy going and caring. I made many close new friends there who I still have today and many great memories. It was a very good feeling to know that the teachers cared about our futures after high school as well. I liked feeling so at home when I went to school, which is usually a hard feeling to have when it comes to going to school. Having this feeling helped my learning ability greatly I believe. One thing I would like to see changed at the school would have to be updating some of the school features, although it is a lovely school it has been around for quite some time now.
Our principal is very involved with the students. She really cares about what the students are going through and she will do anything to help a student or teacher. The social media policy affects not only the students but also teachers and parents. I believe our dress code policy is enforced to severe. I believe it should be enforced, but there are other things that are more important.
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My school is fairly small so everyone knows everyone. It is pretty noticeable when bullying is taking place and an adult will always step in. I think this is very good because it stops the bullying before it goes to far. Our school also has a social media policy which stops online bullying to the best of its ability. As far as security our outside doors lock from the outside after the tardy bell rings, so if you are late you have to go in through the office. This also stops any intruder trying to get into the school, which makes me feel very safe.The only complaint I have about my school's health policy is that you have to be in school for at least half of a day to participate in a sport that day. Our athletes are always looking forward to games and will play even when they are sick. So a contagious athlete will come to school so he or she can play in a game because we don't want to miss it and infects the whole team in result.
My school has tons of extracurricular activities to choose from. It has National Honor Society, student-council, 4-H, softball, baseball, basketball, track/field, tennis, golf, fishing team, cheer, and dance. Sports and cheer are taken very seriously at my school and all athletes are respected and looked up to. The academic clubs such as student-council and national honor society are very important groups at PVA also. They both participate in community service hours and help form ideas to raise school spirit.
The resources and facilities are pretty much just a little below average.
They teach good, but students will say they do not like them because they git a bad grade. The students who say this usually do not care as much about their education as they should.
The food is edible, but there are 2 options what the ladies cook or a salad. The salad is the only healthy thing that is ever on the menu, but a salad every day gets old. You can bring lunch form home, but they can not be leftovers from a restaurant. Your parents can't bring you anything form a restaurant either. There is no restaurant food. the only way that can happen is if you put the food in a drown bad so no teachers suspect anything.
There are mostly white kids there and maybe 4 black kids. The students will shun you if you do not agree with them 100% of the time. They think you are wired if you come from somewhere out of Louisiana, but they will welcome you.
There are not very many classes to choose from. there are pretty much duel enrollment classes and classes you take if you don't have an 18 on your ACT.
I have been there since pre- k and I have always loved that school. I certainly learned some important life lessons. I was prepared in note taking and important college knowledge. It matured me and has made me ready for adulthood.
We do not have bullies, but if someone does bully a child it is stopped. The classes are small so they tend to work it out together and do not end up needing a teacher to intervene.
The teachers teach very good. Some think learning fun, and some take it a little more serious. One teacher thinks she is the ruler of the school and can do and say whatever, whenever she wants. You can learn and go to great places attending this school, but the problem is that most of the students do not care enough about school to try to learn.
Football is the main sport although the team is not very good. The softball team is good, but they are not as glorified as the football team. the only other sports offered there are baseball, basketball, tack and field, golf, and if you get lucky tennis.
There are about 6 different sports for students to play. there is only one club it is called the fellowship of Christian students. There are not many teachers, but if you actually pay attention and want to learn you will.
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