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Prairie Valley High School Reviews

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Prairie Valley is now whole grade sharing with Southeast Webster - Grand is now called Southeast Valley. I was a freshman when we started sharing and I drive 30 miles from my house to the high school in Gowrie. I believe that it has been a positive move. My senior class has been together since 9th grade and we are all one school. Good teachers, coaches and staff. Wish it was closer to my house.
Great teachers to help guide young minds down a path of intellect. We were taught in many ways besides the right and wrong answers. Not all teachers can say this at any school, but at mine I felt cared for by a select group of teachers. That's all you need.
Over my four years of high school, I have noticed considerably more efforts to make our school a better environment for the students.
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Prairie Valley High School/ Southeast Valley High School was a great experience. There is a lot of activities someone can be apart of such as FCCLA, FFA, Spanish club, and many more. Everyone in activities get along and act as a family.
This school has been improving on our safety policies. We have added security cameras and locks on the door. Visitors must sign in and be approved.
My school has a decent amount of extracurricular activities. Sports and music are offered. Many people are involved in those activities, but I think more should be involved.
I like how my school puts on events. They are usually fun.
Most of the teachers at my school are approachable. They know what they are teaching about, and present it well. However, there are a few teachers here that do not know much about their topics and are just teaching while guessing. Those teacher also do not grade fairly.
Lots of class choices, teacher involvement, and overall good school environment.
They put in a new security system and now you have to ring the bell to get buzzed into the school building.
Hate the new Michelle Obama lunch standards. Lunches used to be good until they came along. Now the cook's hands are tied and they had to skimp and get lower quality foods in order to make the lunches meet standards. It's so bad that our best cooks are quitting after this school year. Now the food will really be gross!
New administration this year is good. School counselor could be a lot more helpful and available. We had trouble with scholarship information.
This is a rural school. Teachers are very understanding of different sets of circumstances that arise with kids. It's not "just a job". They truly like to get to know each kid and whats going on with them inside and outside of school.
Played Basketball for the first time as a Senior. Had a lot of fun. It was an interesting year because we combined schools. I loved meeting all the new kids.
The guidance counselors and principal are involved in what goes on so that things get resolved in a positive way and nothing gets out of hand.
School sporting events are fun for everyone and get everyone involved.
Most of the teachers I had were all great at their jobs, made it easy to come to them for help and made their topics interesting.
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There were some choices but not a whole lot. I feel there wasn't a lot of support for clubs by staff.
They gave plenty of opportunities to learn about college choices and offered help on how to apply for them and financial aid and all the important things.
I rarely ever get full from the food. Need more.
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