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Prairie Trace Elementary School Reviews

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The administraion did not take the time to find an acceptable teacher. They hurried the process and with that, my child didn't enjoy school and regressed.
I feel the front of the school is safe. Parents are required to have a background check. There are no drug issues as this is an elementary school.
Unfortunately, the parents worries were not taken seriously.
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My child regressed in handwriting and writing. Her stories were shorter, I imagine they weren't encouraged. I fel as though she lost a year, this last year was a waste.

The teacher was hired two business days before school started.

She was living with her mom and two children on the other side of town and was house hunting during the first month od school, whilst divulging problems to the childreni feel that the administration should have vetted more teachers. It wasn't fair to this class. There was very poor administrative decision making and rhe entire class suffered. I am not the only parnt who feels this way. It makes me sad.
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