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Personal safety depends on the person itself, but I think it is pretty safe because the staff is getting to keep everyone safe in most cases. It wasn't a big school where they have to have police as guards, but did see police coming by a few times. The nurse comes every Monday is what I'd heard since I never needed the nurse for any reasons, but mostly it is the people in the front desk that takes care of everything. For example, if you have a headache, bleeding or hurting somewhere; the person on the front desk takes care of everything the nurse do.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school is all of the possible committees and clubs in other schools that students are interested in. Some of the most popular or fun options are student counsel, Hmong organization, weight and fitness club and National Honor Society because they either have trips or things that are more into student's liking. After-school activities vary from time to time with the clubs/ organization because it is what is happening within that club/ organization.
This school is what you would call a so-so school because it have everything, but not completely everything. The experiences that I have is joining sports and clubs. There isn't anything unique because it's ordinary. But I'll still choose this school if I could do it all over again because it's what makes me who I am today.
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The teachers at this school are always giving their best, know what they are doing, and is always there for students when need. They may not know everything, but enough that they can share with the students and try to give the best answers that they can to help out a student in need. Most teachers give lectures, but are finding way in which they can help students work together in groups to share ideas. Teachers have their own set of goals that they need to do and one of the most simplest one is to try and put up the grades every Friday or making sure that the student is knowing what they have and what they need to do to catch up. The teachers are always connected to the students one way or another to make school feel like home.
I dont know much about it.
I would not go back to this school if I could redo it all over again because there is not enough of my race, the food is terrible, you start to feel left out, and there are not many sports for girls.
The teachers are really fun and good at helping the students. They always want to help in any ways they can so that we get good grades.
This school is a safe place. I barely hear or witness any bullies or fight. Fights happen, but maybe once a year, which is not a big deal and bad environment for students.
Chances of getting involve in clubs or organizations are very high. It all depends on the students if they want to make a move or not. Students could join all the clubs, but wouldn't have all the time to spend doing all the things in each clubs, thus students only join at most 2 clubs.
Teachers, staffs, and even the principal and CEO are trying to help students get what they deserve! As a student, you can advocate for anything as long as your reason is ethical and they will do anything about it. I see change every time I make a move for the better.
Most teachers are friendly and respect students opinions. There's this one teacher who fully supports and encourage students to advocates for students right in school.
This school's food servings have gotten smaller and smaller over the months, the office staff are barely available when needing to consult one, the school nurse is only available one day a week, the office for ISS and behavior is literally a jungle of never-expected things, the teachers are biased towards students (sometimes specifically towards students involved in sports), the teachers need to learn to be prepared to teach a class instead of waste minutes at the beginning of each period getting their stuff together. There is a lot of racial tension between students in different grade levels, and quite a few fights as well. I think the only good thing about this school was having its CIS and honor courses, they were challenging and great for learning, thinking deeply and critically, and communication.
Here at Prairie Seeds Academy we don't tolerate bullying. We are bully free environment we only spread happiness to others and to ourselves and if someones not having a good day or is feeling mistreated they can always talk to the counselors, teachers, even their friends.
The teachers here at Prairie Seeds Academy are amazing they really do care for their students and willing to help out as much as they can. For example, I wasn't doing so well in pre-calculus I had trouble understand the subject. The teacher say we struggling, she came over ask if I had any question or clarification about the subject. After a few questions and examples I was able to understand and do the problem.
Soccer is one of the main sports we have here at Prairie Seeds Academy, but that doesn't mean its the only sport club here. we also have flag football, Track (Men and Women), Briquette, Volleyball, and Rock Climbing. We also have non-sports clubs like, Student council, Nationals Honors Society, Animation Club, Choir, Drama Club, Year book, Newspaper, Prom, Senior Trip and more.
Every Year the boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Practice vary hard to be ready for every game we play no matter how hard it gets we always give it our 100% in each game. Our fans are crazy they are always filled with spirit, cheering us on no matter what the score is. Every team has their moments, but this is what make Prairie Seeds Academy we come together as a team talk about it and fix it. Although our gym isn't big enough for the team we all go to other gyms to stay fit so no one is left behind.
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This school choose soccer over students education
I think this school really want people to be healthy by promoting healthy snacks but its the students who really decide if they want it or not. I think the school is pretty safe since we practice our drills frequently.
The food options are good because you don't have to have the main food there are other options.
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