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Prairie Ridge Middle School Reviews

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Excellent school overall. Good education, an the school staff is amazing. I'm glad I live in Ankeny.
I am a student at prairie ridge middle school. It is a great school. The teachers and associates are all very caring and dedicated to making the school a better place. I have learned at lot at this school and the teachers do all that they can to make learning easier and more fun.
Prairie ridge middle school is the best school my child has been in by far. The staff there are outstanding and do their best to help the students in every way they can. The employees at prairie ridge middle school have worked incredibly hard with me in the past two years to make the best learning environment possible for my child. I appreciate all that the school has done for me and my family and will be forever grateful for these last two years. Thank you prairie ridge!
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Most of the teachers are great, but the administration SUCKS! They don't care about the students and all that matters is "looking good" to outsiders while inside the school, it's terrible. Teachers do nothing about other students behavior and the bathrooms have not had working locks on them in almost 6 years. When I went to the principal about another teacher talking trash about me behind my back, he straight up said "Honestly, I don't believe you. She would not do that, so lets not make this a big deal. I don't want this becoming a big thing." I can not wait to move out of this school!!
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