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I love how close our school is and how much we want not only ourselves to succeed but our peers also.
PR is such a wonderful school with an incredible sense of community. Everyone supports each other despite differences in certain clubs/sports. The football players respect the marching band, the soccer team comes out to the musical and vise versa, the arts support our academic teams. Everyone is welcoming and accepting to the multitude of students we have at our school. We also have the best student services office! The counselors, secretaries and college career advisors are the best resources for students and are incredibly helpful. PR embraces community between different groups, as well as between students and teachers.
The school does an excellent job of getting their students ready for college. e guidance counselors are extremely helpful with searching out colleges. There are many colleges that visit the school each fall so students can explore options before deciding which schools to visit. Top notch education.
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All of the teachers are usually so willing to help students and make time for them. Everyone is encouraging and wants to see others succeed.
I enjoyed my time at PR. Most of the teachers are helpful and make class fun. The food at the school is not good. The fries are not good and the cookies are not cooked very well either.
The faculty is amazing. They truly love their jobs and genuinely care about the students. The amount of school spirit that the students have is amazing and it is a school that makes you proud to be a student of.
I first moved here the beginning of my sophomore year and I was not fond of the school. However, through my junior year I have grown to love the school. Everyone is supportive and high energy when sporting events are going on. The teachers for the most part are always willing to help because they want us to succeed.
The teachers are wonderful personality-wise, and in their ability to teach. That's key for a 5 star rating. I really loved the strong sense of community and school spirit behind every sport and the band and choir.
I loved the teachers and support that was always available to me throughout my four years. Everyone there wanted to see me succeed and gave me the resources to do so. We pride ourselves on our achievements and this would encourage the student body to go forward and constantly try to achieve new things. Overall, it was a very welcoming environment with wonderful, students and teachers.
The school is great, but it lacks diversity. We are very driven to do well, and teachers encourage kids and genuinely care how each student performs in their class.
I enjoyed the positive energy the teachers and students gave. Every time I stepped into class the teachers kept a positive atmosphere and stayed respectful to the students. I would like to see Prairie Ridge change and treat us students more like adults and give us privileges similar to college.
The students at PR(Prairie Ridge) are very friendly as well are the teacher if you need help with anything they want you to ask for help. The school has 3 floors and has a lot of school activities to participate in so you never feel left out and everyone you will meet is very nice. PR has many classes you can take from culinary to German or French and if you need help in any PR has people to help you in anything and everything. I did give on star of because of the prices for snacks and the vending machines. The prices for the snacks have gone up from when i was a freshmen but only by 50 cents but for a student who parent don't give money too and does not have a job that can add to be a lot. As for the vending machines they are constantly breaking down or are out of service but the school do try to get them fixed right away usually they are by the next day. over all i would say Prairie Ridge is a great school
I loved my time spend at Prairie Ridge High School! Going to sport events where fun because the school has great teams that win, especially the football team. The academics really set me up for college, and challenged me out of my comfort zone to learn more.
Prairie Ridge High School promotes the slogan, "Eyes Open PR". This accurately describes the stance of Prairie Ridge High School- to expose students to new opportunities and continue to thrive as a community. PR is a safe place where everyone is accepted- having an open mind is a noticeable quality in every student at PR. The offered academics are beyond superb- with a multitude of AP classes and an amazing staff, it's no wonder that PR is ranked among the highest regarded schools in the United States. To me, PR has provided me with a second home- somewhere I can go and know that everyone surrounding me is encouraging me to succeed. I am forever grateful for my years at Prairie Ridge High School
Prairie Ridge is an excellent a high school. A place to acquire a high education and great experiences from school football games to the dances. This school has given me the best education and the best of friends. It is rated a five stars, because our teachers are amazing, our activities are excellent and the atmosphere of this school is wonderful and exciting.
The community, teachers, and all other staff really make this place feel like a second home. We are extremely privileged to be able to attend a school of this caliber and to gain the hands on experience usually found only outside the classroom.
Prairie ridge has been very good to me and my 3 other siblings. The teachers engage with you, and help you strive for greatness but also connect with you on a personal level forming that bond that lasts forever. Overall, Prairie Ridge is a great school that ultimately prepares you for College, but also will give you that fun high school experience. I will miss Prairie Ridge and all of the great teachers
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Prairie Ridge High School is somewhere I look forward to attending each and every day. All of the teachers are so kind and supportive. The whole administrative team is so welcoming to newcomers. PR is a place people can be comfortable and have many friends. My favorite part about PR is the after school activities such as sports. I am a huge fan of sports and so many people participate making it fun for the whole town.
We really like the facilities, the sports, the community and parent involvement, and the overall ranking of the school within the district and state.
I have experience an amazing four years at Prairie Ridge. I chose to spend my years participating in theater and choir, though I have many close friends who have been apart of the many other clubs and sports the school offers. The teachers are great and attentive (for the most part), the activities are varying and easy to participate in, and the classes are fun and there are many options for all different students. I don't think I could've had a better high school experience anywhere else.
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