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Prairie Middle school isn't without its flaws. But it was overall a very good middle school experience. Not once have I had a teacher that didn't truly care about my education, and I had a good bond with almost all of them. Each teacher cared about every student, whether they were struggling or doing perfect. The community system was genius, they managed to divide their extremely large student population into community divisions. They then further divide the communities into teams of about 100 or so students. Teachers on your team have direct contact to one another so that they can coordinate and keep things less stressful such as homework load, and students stay with the same people year after year.
Prairie was an amazing middle school that got us as students very organized into groups that allowed us to be very comfortable in our own setting and students. The college readiness was pretty strong as seniors from Overland High School came in frequently and spoke to us about how important high school is and how it shapes your eligibility to get scholarships and get into college. The school also offered AVID, which was also very helpful in college prep. It is a very diverse school, which made students accepting to all types of cultures, languages, and religions.
It was a great experience actually. The teachers I had were very sweet (some) and I enjoyed certain activities such as the school festivals and the dances.
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It was a great school, filled with very lovely teachers and staff, who are always eager to help you with all sorts of problems. One thing that I would change are the regulations that you can't be in the hallways during lunch or anything like that. Plus, the cafeterias are kinda uncomfortable. There's no such thing as privacy. Other than that, it's fine!!!
Praire Middle School does not tolerate bullying. We have many teachers and staff to guide the students. Praire Middle School has many expectations for grades dress codes and etc.
We have a program called AVID. Advanced, via, individual, determination. It helps you get into the college of your choice with all the hard work you put into. There are many staffs that help you through AVID. We have advanced classes for every core for different levels of education. The teachers will help you throughout your school years with all their power. You can pick all your classes for this school. It will be a very likely chance that you will make it to what core classes you want.
Extra curriculum activities are very fun in Praire Middle School. We have fun sports like Track, Basketball etc. Our community works hard on fitting everyone to the activities they will succeed in. We also have great programs like AVID. It makes sure that you enter a college or a university of your choice with the hard work you put in. 95% of AVID kids go to college.
The next possible step for my son is high school. High school will be a challenge but i hope that the AVID program will stick with him until he graduates. When my son finishes high school i would like him to attend Duke University. I am very confident for the future.
Everyone is kind to others, we don't judge by looks, clothes. We think that it is only fair to judge by actions. Praire Middle School students sometimes make mistakes, but we know that were just being human beings. We challenge ourselves with grades and competitiveness in sports. No matter what race you are, you are always welcome to our family.
The Community. Praire Middle School is a very artistic school. In Praire Middle School we work together and help each other to succeed in every way. We work hard every day and use every possible moment that we have to access to more education. The thing that makes Praire Middle School so special and would want me to redo everything is that the staff/teachers do everything in their power into making you smarter from every year to every moment, and that is why i would redo the moments i had with this school.
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