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I like that the Prairie Lea School is very small and closely connected. At this school you know all of your teachers very well and your classmates become like family.
Prairie Lea school definitely can use improvements, for the students who actually choose to have a future such as college, jobs, or other types of education, it is possible to make these goals happen here. Resources can be found here and they can be useful. This school offers dual credit classes and it helps students get a head start which i find beneficial.
Growing up at Prairie Lea I.S.D. has been a pleasure. It is a small school close to my community and despite the poverty stricken area, the faculty and staff has managed to do the best for their students. Attending this school has been influential, inspiring, and an amazing experience altogether. It has provided me with the knowledge I need to be college ready and the students here are all supportive here. Since this is a small public school, students get to see each other regularly and have the opportunity to connect more so than they would in larger schools. Best of all, the staff here are supportive, understanding, and willing to do whatever they can for each and every student.
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I have went to prairie lea my whole life and have had a great experience here! since pre-k i have had the same people in my grade and now being a senior i realize how thankful i am for that because not all schools are like mine. although my school is small they have always made sure we had the same opportunities as bigger schools and that we were just as important as any student from any other school. being a smaller school we always have had a better connections with the teachers and administration at the school, it allowed us to see how much the actually care.
Where do I begin.. I have been going to Prairie Lea my whole life. I have been with my classmates for 12 years. Within those 12 years we have been through the good and the bad but we still manage to come out closer then ever. The day I walk the stage is the day I will always remember what being a family is truly about. When you walk through those doors you are a real person. You aren't just some kid that goes to school there you have a personality like no one else.There isn't a bad thing I would say about my school. Its a great place to make friends. If I could do it all over again I would go back to the years that my class kind of drifted apart because of boys or rumors. We missed out on the best years that memories should of been made. Prairie Lea has been my home. It has been in my family for years and I don't think I could ever find another kind of school like it. This is my senior year and I am proud to say that I am coming from such a great school.
This school is great if you take care of business.
There aren't many options you either have what they are serving that day, a sandwich, or a salad
For what the school cand offer it really does it's best to help us.
Their is much difference in the students. Most people in this area agree upon most of the areas above.
Again for the most part the teachers do their best in teaching and preparing the students.
Some of the teachers don't really put time into teaching it seems, but for the most part they do their best to teach and prepare students.
The size of the school seems to prevent many afterschool programs which can be irritating at times, but lately they are begining to step it up in variety and quality.
The school is one that is different due to the student to teacher ratio. There is more one on one time so there are closer relationships.
The school is one that is different then most because it is a one a school and isn't ran in the same way as many. This due to the closer relationship with students because of the fact theat the student to teacher ratio is less then most.
there is a very good selection of one on one help that comes from the school but the one thing that i would change if i had the chance is the athletic program i wish that it would have more options of sports for athletes to play
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