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Prairie Jr-Sr High School Reviews

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I really enjoyed my experience at Prairie Jr-Sr High School. I loved the small town experience because it translated into the school environment where everyone knew everyone and that made going to school a very fun environment to be in.
When I first moved to Prairie High School, I was nervous about the new environment. As time progressed, the school, students, and community welcomed me and helpped me grow into a better student and individual. The school empraced my unique background and helped me improve on my week areas.
I like the small community feel of the school and the surrounding area. The teachers are amazing, fun, nice, and really want to help you. Everyone knows everyone and that can be a burden or a boon. I wish there were more opportunities for more variety of classes, but as it is, the teachers are stretching themselves thin, with the multiple classes they teach. Overall, I had a good experience.
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Half of my life holds memorable experiences here. Environment is extremely friendly and helpful to both students and faculty. Despite being small, it does not prevent learning as much as we can. I wish for more opportunities to learn about other cultures, as it resides in a primarily Caucasian area. Chances were to obtain about 2 international exchange students per year, if any at all. Sports were great aspects for families and the community, but other extracurricular activities and clubs were not as funded in comparison, such as theater, art, and band. Teachers and faculty have been here for generations and ensure children get a varied education regardless. Prairie was like having a second family with plenty of parents involved in activities and volunteer events. Although it is not well known, I will always know how much I have gained from this school and would love to revisit someday.
Very friendly but needs more overall variety.
Prairie is a small school, so the teacher have more chances to interact with students on a personal level. Staff overall are friendly and open. Everything is pretty good.
Although some students, that I attend school with, have not always made the smartest decisions, the teachers and all faculty members are trained well at what they do and provide the best of what they can offer.
My school definitely gets involved in our sports. My school is in a community that promotes physical health and thus also promotes such health. They are also one of the many spirit groups for each of the various sports.
Not too many clubs are offered outside of school time. Basically, the only extracurricular activities are sports and cheerleading; we do have a solid band/drama/choir program, but these are offered as a class, and simply have events that occur outside of school time.
We had a fairly large variety of sports available, particularly in relation to the size of the student body. The work-out/weight room is in decent condition, although I never spent much time there, I know you can take classes in weight lifting and fitness.
The cooks really know what they're doing. I've had the privilege to work with them throughout my high school career, and both Mrs. Forsman and Mrs. Arnzen have taught me plenty. These ladies make fresh bread whenever its on the menu, they excel at making whatever food they're told too by administration, but they also joke with students as they go through the lunch line. Now, there aren't many alternate options available because of the school's size, but the cafeteria rarely disappoints.
I love my school. I would never want to go to another high school. Everyone gets along and are very welcoming to new students. I have made life long friends here that I have had from kindergarten. I feel very safe at my school. no one ever needs to lock their lockers or cars. I also feel that I am welcome to participate in any extracurricular activity that I want to.
There are a good amount of extracurricular activities. There are sports for both boys and girls all year around. We also have activities for students that do not want to participate in sports. For example, knowledge bowl and art club.
The teachers are great. They all try different ways of teaching to help the students learn and figure out the best way that they learn. They are also willing to stay after school, or come in early to help students with any problems.
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