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Prairie Home High School Reviews

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Mostly core subjects, not as many choices as I'd like but we do offer duel credit classes and I love that
There are a few clubs and all of them are great, we are a school that places high in most things
I've enjoyed every year I've been at this school. I have learned better one on one skills and made so many friends and I know every one.
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The teachers make the lessons understandable for everyone. They help students individually.
They do a good job for a small school.
New security measures in place.
For a small school we have several things to be involved in, but we do not offer something for everyone.
I enjoy the school because of the small class sizes. This makes the classes seem more personable.
The building is very old, very cold in the winter time, blazing hot in the summer time. The technology is getting better, we are in the process of upgrading all the computers to the new Windows program, and almost every classroom has a Smartboard. There are plenty of parents that are involved in the school, sometimes there is too much but it's better than having none at all. There is really no need for tutoring since we are such a small school everyone ends up working together on most of our work. Our guidance councelor does the best she can and always takes as much time as you need to get you on the right track.
Being a small school everyone knows everyone, so there aren't many social groups.
There are a few extracurricular activities, there just aren't enough kids and support for more.
All of the teachers try to go out of their way to help their students.
Students aren't allowed to wear pajamas bottoms but that's about it, pretty casual.
Sports is a big thing at our school, just because its the only thing important. Basketball would probably be the most spirited sport, big crowds and support by the whole town.
Although we don't have major security, we also don't really need it. We have not had any major threats to our school, but if a threat were to occur police and faculty would take action.
I don't mind my school, its small and that's fine with me. You can make friends, and one on one with teachers is easy.
The school lunch is basically what u would expect, not the best but not the worst. There isn't much of a verity, it's either one thing or another.
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Academics offered include general classes along with ITV and Dual credit classes. Enabling students are allowed to attend a Vocational/Technical school, where they can take nursing, wood shop, auto-tech, and agriculture classes.
Well since a football field, soccer field, pool and track are nonexistent then I guess it sucks!
Its gross. Bring your own lunch! You will be starving by the next hour if you don't!
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