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Prairie High School has amazing teachers that care about their students. There are many clubs and outside of school activities that involve all of the students. I feel safe because of our great security and caring hall monitors.
The modern updates have revitalized the school's structure and beauty. It looks great! As a student, I have seen many changes and updates to this school and this has definitely made a huge difference in the amount of space that is being used to its full potential.
It's a really nice school. Good facilities all around, mostly every teacher was very good at their job and was happy to help. The student base is full of a lot of very smart students and the atmosphere at events are amazing.
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Too much school politics among the teachers/coaches/parents. The school board has no backbone when parents speak.
Prairie has a great partnership with the local community college. With Kirkwood just across the street, it's easy to get a few pre-rec classes out of the way before you even graduate high school. Our music programs are excellent, and the directors are very passionate about getting kids involved in band and choir. There's a wide variety of sports as well, and coaches are very understanding of multiple commitments. Of the 1200 kids in the high school, around 200 are involved with both a sport and fine arts. The school is currently going through renovations to expand and upgrade the science wing, music hall, locker rooms, and cafeteria.
There was a lot of great people there to push me to do new and exciting things! They were constantly finding me new opportunities that helped me excel in and out of my academics. They were constantly getting me college ready by training me with using multiple studying and learning techniques. Overall it was a great place to learn and grow as a student, but also a person. I am glad I got the opportunity to meet people interested in the same subjects as me and made me feel comfortable in my surroundings.
In my senior year, they started a new grading system called "standards based grading". It gave everyone a splitting headache and even an explanation from the math teachers who created it didn't help. They also started a lot of new construction on the school since the district's population is exploding. Thank god I only had one year left, being in college and back to ABC grading is wonderful!
Overall, Prairie High School is great. We have an on-site police officer and security entry system at the main entrance. The administration does its best to understand student issues and create solutions. The diversity is average. Mostly white, but we have some minority students, including exchange students/immigrant students from other continents. The budget for school activities is heavily geared towards sports. The Arts department receives very little, and the Theatre department is, well, not a department, as it is not part of the curriculum, and receives no school funding. The Music department receives a great deal of money, as they have a Prairie Music Association that receives school funding, and earn profits from Prairie-hosted performances and competitions. Teachers have a wide range of experiences, with one currently in his first year of teaching. Prairie High School is better than many in the Cedar Rapids area, but it definitely needs some improvement.
High school will always be high school, not really the greatest part of our lives, but definitely the part we'll remember. I'm really happy to be at Prairie, however, because students and staff alike try to make it a welcoming community with a strong focus on academics rather than sports or extracurriculars. At Prairie every achievement is celebrated with assemblies and rewarding systems like PBIS to reward positive behaviors. Teachers and staff really care about the students and it's easy to feel safe and accepted.
I know that if I ever needed anything, there are a list of teachers I could go to that would help me find my way through the tough times. They know me and know every one of their students to the best of their abilities, making them feel like they have a family member and a guardian watching out for them.
The one thing I would change is the lunch. There are much tastier ways to be healthy!
I liked my high school experience at Prairie because I could go into school each day knowing that I was safe and going to be taught the skills I would need to further my education into college. Everyone treated me fairly and the staff are really helpful whenever I needed any extra help.
Most teachers are quite knowledgeable, and good at teaching. However, students lack the drive to learn. The other staff, for the most part, are reasonably nice, however, some can be very demeaning towards the student. Is a generally safe school, which is nice in this day and age, and they have proper security systems in place to keep kids safe.
Prairie high school truly does it's best to make you feel cared for and included. But being in such a big school it seems like not a lot of teachers actually take the time to try to get to know you. It's not a very personal experience. However, they do provide amazing opportunities like traveling to a different country and going to Disney World.
There is so much Prairie High School has to offer for their students. First off, the teachers are so amazing. Every single teacher makes sure their students are exceeding in the class. Their athletic facilities are so helpful and they really help shape our athletes into the best they can be!
I think it is a good school, really should focus more on preparing students for college, NO MORE RETAKES. Other than that, it has good opportunities, for students to g3et involved and another benefit is having Kirkwood up the street for students to be able to take classes there and earn college credits.
prairie student and teachers are welcoming, good academics, a lot of foreigner to learn from, and they have an excellent sport.
I liked the size because there was a good amount of people to be friends with. I disliked the use of standards based grading.
Currently the school is undergoing construction and they will be adding on because it's a pretty old building. Some parts of the building are freezing while others are very hot. Due to the size of the school we have an on campus police officer and security. It's a large school so in my personal experience there tends to be a lot of drama but nothing too crazy. They don't really do a good job if advertising their clubs and groups so I'm not sure how many we actually have but I'm pretty sure there is a few. We have a block schedule on Wednesday and Thursday where we take even classes on wednesday and odd on Thursday and classes are double the regular time. Teachers are helpful as long as you advocate for your self and make sure you get the help you need. Our school is standards based, we don't have typical A B C D F grades we have Exemplary Meeting Approaching Beginning and No Evidence. Which translate to a grade in the grade book. The grade is calculated on the trends of your grades.
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The teachers are very nice, sports are very active, we love taking care of each other and needs and everybody is a family, no matter how your skin color is or your background. We're one and together and we leave no one behind .
More focus on the students.. Get to know them, take a personal interest in those who aren't doing so well, Instead of just pawning them off on a different school. Teachers who are more concerned with themselves then the job they applied for.
At Prairie I love the large list of classes that are offered to take and being able to be apart of many different clubs.
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