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Prairie High School has some of the best teachers I have encountered. It's community is kind and inclusive, even if you aren't the same as everyone else. At Prairie, you will always find a friend.
The teachers and staff at prairie cared more about the students more than any other school I’ve known. Most teachers go above and beyond to make sure each student has equal opportunity.
Prairie High School provided me an outstanding high school experience. I was able to balance being a multiple sport athlete while achieving good grades. The Girls Basketball team provided me a safe community group where I could grow as a student and an athlete. There were tons of clubs and activities along with life changing teachers. To this day, I still think about my teachers and how they impacted my life and helped me grow. I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't attend Prairie High School. The culture of the school is well maintained. They provide a healthy culture that encourage's student athletes and college readiness.
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I think Prairie is a very good High School. I think they need a track for the student as well as have their own graduations. Academically it is a very good school.
Prairie is a low-key school that consists of decent people. I'd say the Academics are above average, but they do not prepare you enough for college. The teachers are great! Prairie boys' sports are not very great. Graduated in 2016, I loved it!
Love the staff at the school who really care about the students. There is quite a lack of diversity and a huge population, but overall, it’s a great school!
I liked going to Prairie High School, I felt like it was different from a lot of other high schools because I there weren't many problems with groups and being excluded. I seriously enjoyed the art classes here; however, I did have a few problems with some of the coaches.
I like Prairie high school for the teachers and the extra programs.
They have a great automotive program and other trade groups like welding.
Also the ROCT was top in the nation.
Prairie High School staff are all very welcoming but they don't really prepare you enough when it comes to colleges and how to apply. As well as the fact that they just created a website with a page of how to apply to college which is truly the most useless thing in the world.
The administration cares more about winning sports games than they do educating students. The floral department is amazing. The teachers do their best to give students the one on one time and learning that they need.
Overall, this school is pretty decent. Nothing exceptional, either negative or positive stands out about it. It has a brilliant drama program, a good band, and a choir that currently isn't great, but has a teacher that will make it so in a couple years. The school as a whole participates in things like spirit week and other things that show school spirit quite a bit more than the other high school I went to.
I loved my school experience here. They had great school security, always making me feel safe and many great resources to help me study!
High school is hard no matter where you go, at Prairie there are at least a nice offering of classes and teachers and programs that really make a difference for kids.
Prairie has truly been a blessing. We have some amazing staff and administrators who truly care for each student and will do whatever it takes to see them succeed. My experience at Prairie could not have been better.
Prairie is an okay school. Not the best. Running Start is a great option, though counselors are horrible. My counselor uses improper grammar and short sentences with no punctuation while responding to emails. Poor distribution of funds. Our drama club is required to pay our ASB funds but whenever we ask for the money, we are denied because they had already spent it. Sports is important to them, even though our teams aren't that good.
Prairie had a nice, helpful staff but lacked diversity and community involvement. I would have like to have seen more outreach programs and volunteer opportunities made available to students. I would have also liked to have seen more college preparedness and life-skills in the context of courses and student advisors including: financial responsibilities of student loans and credit cards, how to apply to FAFSA, how to search for and receive scholarships, college entrance exam courses and exploration of college alternatives. Head-start program was excellent! Although, I couldn't get into the program because of poor math performance, which I believe could have a alleviated by more support in the form of school or faculity tutors.
I only spent two years at Prairie High School because I was a running start student my junior and senior year. However, my time at Prairie was not too bad. I find that for some reason popular media tends to glorify high school with warring class divisions and bullying. I have to say from personal experience this is a load of barnacles. Students didn't care for warring class division and bullying was never a thing.As far as the school itself is concerned. The teachers were usually fairly decent although there were a few that had no passion and couldn't care if you pass or fail. The culture was "forced" in that the administration would have "spirit" assemblies that were really just composed of an awkward speech followed by awkward student entertainment. Other than this it truly wasn't that bad and most of the "bad" reviews I see of Prairie are just typical high schoolers picking on their teachers thinking it's cool. In short, Prairie is a completely fine and competent school to go to.
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I had a very good experience at Prairie High school. The majority of the teacher went up and beyond to help students before, during and after school. I was associated with a wide verity of clubs that lead me to meeting a huge percentage of the student body. There didn't seem to have much of a bullying problem at Prairie. Everyone at Prairie try to care for each other, we even have a love up week every year to promote non bulling actions. The only bad part of Prairie high school was the buildings had a lot of problems like no air conditioning and heaters since it always goes out and some of the classrooms have flooded in the past couple years. Other than that Prairie High school was a great place to spend three out of four years of high school.
Many of the teachers I had were amazing but I often took AP courses. Teachers for languages and electives could be hit or miss but they often were passionate about the subject they were teaching. The people at Prairie were often cordial enough, but sometimes it seemed like a lot of people disliked each other. Do note that there is a strong Mormon presence in the school. Not a bad thing by any means but some people had a problem with it.
Prairie is a place for people with a variety of interests. They have everything from military programs to well known theater performances. The teachers and faculty are wonderful and helpful. There was never a dull day when I attended Prairie.
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