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Prairie Heights Senior High School Reviews

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They are good with academics and the school cares overall how each student is treated by one another. The staff makes sure that students understand what is being taught in order to make sure that each student succeeds.
Teachers are caring and close with their students. Great Education for a small school. Plenty of art programs. Plenty of STEM programs!
I have appreciated my involvement in the many activities that I have participated in while I have been in the Prairie Heights School Corporation.
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The administration tends to focus on unimportant aspects rather than education, doesn't care for teachers enough, won't take care of bullying, and is very poor. However, you won't find teachers who care more for their students than the teachers at Prairie Heights.
Prairie Heights is a relatively small school in LaGrange, Indiana. Its size allows the faculty and the students to develop closer relationships to each other, which creates a strong sense of camaraderie.
Prairie Heights High School has great teachers that care about seeing you succeed in school and in life. The guidance counselors are wonderful and try to help you take the classes that you want but also need to graduate.
I enjoyed Prairie Heights Senior High School for the most part. I was active in sports and clubs throughout my four years at the school. The school is very good at offering a variety of clubs and organizations. I found that if a student had an idea, there was at least one teacher or mentor open to the idea and supported the idea. The school's employees were very interactive whether it was during the pep rallies, the filming of the lib dub, or during regular school activities. I found comfort in talking to some teachers as they were very caring and trustworthy. All of the staff wanted their students to succeed and usually did everything they could to get them to do so.
I like that all the teachers are nice and caring. They care about the education each students wishes to receive. Also the school is clean and healthy for all.
While Prairie Heights is not overly ethnically diverse, those in minorities mix well and have no fear of being outcast.
Prairie Heights easily meets the Academic requirements of todays society while striving to exceed the expectations.
With the constant vigil of our school resource officer, Prairie Heights remains a very safe environment to learn in.
Prairie Heights offers a wide variety of extracurriculars to incorporate as many students as possible.
Prairie Heights combines a small school setting with the impact of a large school.
The teachers actively strive to give their students the best education they can.
I feel safe and know what to do in emergencies.
The people involved truly care about it.
It is good their are people that truly care about their education and what goes on at the school.
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They truly care for students and their learning.
In our school, I think that we have the best sportsmanship. Some of our teams are not high quality necessarily, but the athletes try their best. I believe that the students are very spirited and have a very high work ethic. All of the coaches and athletes work as hard as they can and do their best.
As a student, I believe that we are very lucky to have been granted with so many teachers that care as much as they do. Many of these teachers put in many hours of over time, just so they can help us. In all of my years attending this school I have never had a teacher that was not available to help me. I am extremely blessed for the teachers at this school because I know that someone will always be here to answer any question that I have.
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