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I moved to Prairie Grove High School my sophomore year from a smaller school that had a graduating class of about 60 students. Prairie Grove is a very large school compared to where I used to go, but everyone is so welcoming and very nice.
It was a good high school with great connections.
The teachers were all so nice an helpful to all problems. The sports that they have are outstanding and they have went to many states for the games
I graduated years ago. It did great to prepare me for the future. I can remember being involved in many different activities while attending school at Prairie Grove. I was on the tennis team, basketball team, and football team. I also was student body president my senior year while also being class president all four years. I was able to really help in developing the culture at Prairie Grove high school.
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I loved my high school experience. While some parts of Prairie Grove School District have room for improvement, I am very thankful for the school I grew up attending. In my town we have a saying - Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger. This phrase will always mean something to me, as will the entire town of Prairie Grove, AR.
Prairie Grove is a school that loves its sports and the teachers/staff make sure that all their students are prepared after high school. Prairie Grove offers many opportunities to prepare for college and offers classes that relate to certain majors such as nursing and engineering. Prairie Grove is a safe school and I personally wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Prairie Grove is a phenomenal school with great teachers and many programs. These programs include sports and music. The school district, unlike many others, actively supports both the sports programs and the music programs. I couldn’t be more proud to call Prairie Grove my alma mater.
The thing I love most about Prairie Grove is that we are all a family and everyone knows everyone. We help each other through tough times and the school spirit is amazing. I've been to many other schools and none are as great as PG, and I dread having to graduate and leave but I know it has prepared me well for the "real world."
I love the fact that there is a well balanced student teacher ratio, the teachers here are very generous with their time staying late for tutoring and arriving hours before school starts. Prairie Grove High School is not a district, we are a community that stands strong together, through thick and thin. The high school has a small population but this males it much easier to be involved in clubs and activities where everyone is welcome.
Teachers are excellent. They take time to answer questions and guide you. The facilities are remarkably clean. Diverse group of students.
I graduated from prairie Grove high school and I liked that most teachers were friendly and tried to prepare you for college. I did not like the fact that most money went towards sports and would like to see that change
My experience at Prairie Grove High School has been excellent. The counselors and teachers are very helpful and try extend as many opportunities to the students as possible. Many extracurricular activities are offered and the administrators try to allow students to participate in however many the want.
Prairie Grove has a good sense of community. People know each other and overall willing to accept you for who you are. Although, since the school isn't that large, the school spreads rumors fast and they tend to stick and defines who you are for the rest of your high school career which I believe is one of the number one things that we could or should improve on.
We have clubs for every type of person. They allow peopl to click with others who have the same interests.
The fact that teachers will do things to improve their student's education without getting paid makes this school unique.
The teachers at Prairie a grove truly care about their students future.
There are a handful of incredible teachers here that go above and beyond to teach and prepare students for college and the real world. They are involved and show genuine care for their students and will do just about anything to help them out, so long as the student puts forth the effort. They are available outside for class in person or by email at almost any time. There are also several teachers who are kind of awful, with a couple who have gotten in trouble with the law (unsurprisingly). We have teachers who don't care and who make it obvious they do not care very much at all, and who are uncaring or even lazy, although I can't really say that since I know a student's perspective is biased. But I will say that there are more unsatisfactory teachers than there are good teachers who know how to teach and care about their students.
We have a great support system of parents, they cheer for each others kids and will travel far to watch their kids play.
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It depends on the teacher, many go above and beyond by providing tutoring before and after school.
At PGHS they strive to make sure that the environment is safe for all students and that no one feels threatened.
There are many different extracurricular opportunities at PGHS to accommodate students of all different types.
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